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Stories of Bhethal

Story Of Bhethal:

One day Goddess Parvathi , requests her consort Lord Shiva to tell some beautiful and amazing stories which are not known to the world. Lord Maha Dev gets surprised of her request and gets pleased to satisfy her request. He says Devi I will tell you all such stories. All the night Lord has told many stories to Goddess Parvathi. At that time a Brahmin comes there to pray lord but on listening to the conversation stays unidentified and listens to all stories. Next day he goes home and tells his wife about all the stories and from here a chain starts, by last everyone on earth comes to know about those stories.

Goddess Parvathi comes to know that these stories are known to the world and she asks her husband lord shiva about this. Lord with his powers identify the person (Brahmin) who have done all this and curses him to be a demon. Brahmin with fear requests lord to excuse him. When Lord gave him a boon saying,” In future there will be a King named Vikramarka. He will come near you on the request of a sage. Then you can get relieved of your curse through him.” Brahmin becomes a demon and goes to a Jungle and started living on a tree.

After so many years Vikramaditya born and as a king he started ruling with Ujjain as capital. Once a sage named Santhisheel came to his court and presented him with a pomegranate. King without eating it gave to his soliders to preserve it. Every day he used to come his court and present in same way, king never ate it and gave to his soliders all the time. Soliders saved all of them at a place. One day  king gave it to his son and suddenly a monkey comes into court and snatches the fruit in his hand. On a bite of it surprisingly jewels fell down. Immediately king ordered all the fruits to open. All the fruits are found to have jewels. King feels very happy and surprised.

Next day when the sage came again to gift him with fruit, king asked him why he is blessing him daily like this and enquires if there is anything he seek from him. Then the sage requests the king to help him in completing his Yagam. He invites king alone to come and help him. King accepts his request. As promised king on Dwadashi midnight starts to burial ground with a sword and stands before the sage. Then the sage feels happy and asks the king to go to the tree which is nearby and bring the dead body on it. He also tells him that it is Bhethal the true power of Demon and not to talk with it.

King goes near the tree and sees a body hanging upside down. Fearless king gets on to the tree and brings Bhethal down. By the time he gets down the tree Bhethal again was on the tree laughing at him. King with lots of patience bring him down again. Bhethal asks his name and king answers. Bhethal knowing his name understands that he is the person whom the lord Shiva has told long before. Thinking my curse will be over soon demon tells king vikramarka in this way, “ O king..!! I will tell you some stories and you have to answer them. If you didn’t answer or gave wrong answer your head will be cracked into pieces and if you answer right, I will fly back  to my tree.” And starts telling the stories…

Story 1:

Bhethal starts telling the story once king gets it on his back in this way- O king, I will tell you a surprising story listen to me. Once there lived a Brahmin named Viswavas who is a pandit. After a long time of his marriage he became father to a beautiful girl. Once she was grown up they decided to marry her. One day three young Brahmins come their house. All of them likes the daughter of Viswavas and shows their will of marrying her near her father. Viswavas tested their knowledge in all ways and concludes that three of them are very much talented and have the eligibility to marry her daughter. He asks them only decide among themselves and come up with one name.

They started fighting themselves and never wanted to withdraw. Then they decide to take some time for deciding and leaves the country taking the promise from viswavas that his daughter will not get married until they return. Brahmins didn’t return for long time and the daughter of Viswavas died. She was cremated by her father. The Brahmins came to know about the news somehow and returned back feeling sad. As three of them are madly in love with her they are unable to leave her just like that and hence one was guarding her ash, another with her ashes went to the sacred city Kashi , the last one went off the country and started roaming here and there with sadness.

One day he reached a Brahmin’s house and asks for food.  Brahmin with kind heart tells his wife to serve food for him and goes for bath to river. His wife observing that there is no wood at home for burning stove kills her son and burns him instead of wood to cook food.  After cooking she collects all the ash in stove and blesses it with sacred water, hitting with a book. Surprisingly her son comes to life before the young Brahmin. Noticing this the young Brahmin thinking that he can bring the lady too into life , takes his food there and acts sleeping. When all were sleeping he steals the book and returns to the burial ground.

This Brahmin explains the other two about the matter and brings back the lady to life. Once she comes back to life all the three started fighting each other again.

Bhethal says,” Oh King…!! Now tell me. Whom among the three deserve to marry her ??”
King Vikramarka thinks and said in this way, “ Bhethala.. The one who brought her back to life is like her father. Another who went to the sacred city kashi for praying her soul to rest in peace is like her son. The last one who guarded her ashes till they are back is worth to be her husband.”

Bhethal gets pleased with the answers of King and flies back to the tree.

                                                        ---- Next story continues…

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