Sunday 28 August 2016

Paramanandiah Sishyulu

                I still remember the days when I sat in my mother’s lap and listened to the funniest stories. The days which are unforgettable, days which made me learn the good and bad. Every story has a moral and if implemented in real life there will be a change in every day’s life.

                Among the best stories of Andhra Pradesh in INDIA. The stories of PARAMANANDIAH SISHYULU has the top most significance. These stories are funny and tells us about what happens when all the fools come together in form of disciples (SISHYULU) near a teacher PARAMANADIAH.

                I have listened many stories of PARAMANANDIAH SISHYULU since my childhood and here incorporating the best funny stories among them.


           PARAMANANDIAH is born to Guru SACHIDANANDA. His Father Sachidananda is a famous guru in about 30 villages around. He lost his wife in very young age after the birth of PARAMANANDIAH. He always believed in god and worked for truth, peace, justice with patience. He spent his life in teaching what he knows always to all the villages. The people in villages used to respect him utmost. He became a role model for all Guru’s with his teachings.

            PARAMANANDIAH is brought up in a comfortable way from childhood. Being the son of a Pandit, he got all respect and fame from young age. As a result, he didn’t gain even 10 % of knowledge from his father. All the disciples of his father turned back to some other Guru’s after his death. The only thing he learned from his father is being a good human and innocence.  PARAMANANDIAH is married to PERINDEVI, she is an innocent woman who always followed husband. Though he occupied the position of his father he was always incapable of managing it. Things never turned in a wrong way to him as there are no one to question his wisdom or talent in those 20 villages.

            In his father’s era, Pandit used to go every village and give his teachings and as a result villagers will look after all the expenses of his family. PARAMANANDIAH now facing situations without disciples and revenue.

Story of Disciples
           The disciples of Paramanandiah are in real Gandharvas who are cursed. One day in heaven there is a performance of dance between the Dancers Rambha and Urvashi. All the Yaksha, Gandharva, Kinnera mortals were present in the court of INDRA to view the performance. Among them ten Gandharvas started dancing along with the dancing queens Rambha and Urvashi. Looking at this the court of Indra has spoiled completely and all started dancing around the beauties Rambha and Urvashi.

                INDRA in anger curses the 10 Gandharvas to live a life of foo on earth. Rambha, Urvashi and others who experienced the life on earth already know that on earth even an intelligent cannot live a better life pleads INDRA for excuse along with GANDHARVAS cursed.
                INDRA says that his curse is irreversible they have to go to earth. But they can go to Paramanandiah and be his disciples making fun to everyone around and come back. Gandharvas reach Paramanandiah and asks him to accept as his disciples. Paramanandiah and PERINDEVI not having kids accepts them as children and disciples as well. 

                The villagers take the responsibility of family again and invites PARAMANANDIAH for his teachings along with his disciples.
PARAMANANDIAH with his foolish disciples start his life of teachings to all the villagers in next coming stories.


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