Sunday 9 November 2014

Story of 3 Brahmins

            King Vikramaditya with more patience gets on to the tree and takes Bhethal one more time on his shoulder. Starts his walk away from the tree. When Bhethal again starts telling one more story, O King..!! I will tell you a surprising story which you never heard. You have to answer after listening to the story or else your head will be cracked into 1000 pieces.

                Once there lived a Brahmin named Bhushana in the country of Vanga. He has three sons, one day father thinks of doing a Yagam and asks his sons to get a turtle from the great ocean. Three of them reaches the ocean and tells the younger brother to carry the turtle found, when he says that he is addicted to eating all the time and hence cannot carry it. Second one says he is addicted to women and hence cannot carry it. Third says he is addicted to sleep all the time and cannot carry hence.

                In this way they argued with each other and started fighting. They reached to the kingdom of VijayaNagara for Justice. King Pratap heard of their argument. King decided to check the truth in each one of them. He invites a women presents her with most beautiful ornaments and sends near the person who is addicted to women. He Rejects her saying she has a bad body smell. Knowing this king inquired about the women with her mother. Her mother tells that she is not her daughter but her sister’s daughter. As she died in the childhood of women responsibility was taken by her. She was brought up with goat milk and hence her body has the bad smell.

                King Invited the best cooks of the kingdom to judge the caliber of the person with addiction in eating. They cooked the best and delicious foods for him when he rejects all of them saying they are with stinking smell as a dead body. King gets surprised by his reaction and Inquires about the food. He comes to know that all the items brought for cooking are cultivated near a burial ground. King concludes that it’s the reason of their stinking smell.

                King later asked the courtiers to bring a very soft bed for the third person to sleep. He slept on the bed and woke up immediately saying the bed is not good. King Asked him why he did in that manner when he says there is a hair follicle in the bed and it hurt his body. King surprised and asked the soldiers to open the bed and check. They found the hair follicle inside the bed.

                King praises three of them for their caliber and presents them with jewels. Now King Vikramaditya…!! You tell me who among them is more sensitive and tender? Asks the Bhethal. Vikramaditya says as below, “ The one who is addicted to food and women has answered with their intelligence. But the one who has hurt with hair follicle inside the bed is more tender than other.”

                Satisfied with the answer of King Vikramaditya Bhethal flies back to the tree and hangs as before.

                                             ----Another Story Continues


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