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Lord Shri Ram and Sita Marriage

                For everyone marriage is a dream where we need to share our entire life with an unknown. In India, it is more traditional and during every marriage the first thing remembered is the marriage of Lord Shri Ram and Sita. Marriage was celebrated for days in those days.

                Sage Vishwamitra receives the Invitation of King Janaka for blessing his daughter at the Swayamwar of Seeta devi. Sage who is aware of Shri Maha Lakshmi the consort of Lord Vishnu is in the form of Seeta devi walks along with lord Shri Ram to the venue.

Story of Goddess Sita :-

                To know about the story of Devi Sita the consort of Lord Shri Ram. There should be an Introduction of her birth first. Once there lived a son of Brihaspathi, his name is Brahmarshi Kusadhvaja. He is the guru of Devas and have spent his life reading the Vedas. He has a daughter who is very bright and charming, she followed her father in reading these vedas and hence named as Vedavathi. Her father wishes to give her hand to Lord Vishnu. A daitya king sambhu murders her parents for rejecting his marriage proposal. Yet Vedavathi continues her great penance for Lord Vishnu.

                Ravana the Asura King found Vedavathi meditating and gets attracted to her incredible beauty. He proposes her for marrying and she rejects it. Ravana who hates lord Vishnu spoils her penance by touching her hair. Vedavathi sacrifices her by jumping into fire. She rejects to curse him as her penance will go waste. But, tells him that she will take re-birth as his death. Ravana doesn’t want to leave her ashes even. Hence he by collecting the ashes in a box brings to Lanka. The ashes in box started show up in different forms to everyone of them. So, Mandodari wife of Ravana decides to throw that box in deep seas and orders her soliders. The box thus thrown travels in seas and thrown to land in a place Mithila.

                One day Janka the king of Videha was ploughing a field to prepare it for conducting Yagna. Suddenly the plough got stuck and king found a golden box on digging, he found a beautiful little girl in the box. He named the baby girl as Sita and she is also known as Janaki (Daughter of Janaka). She is considered as the daughter of Bhoodevi as found in earth. Days passed and SIta have 1 more sister Urmila and 2 cousin sisters from Janaka brother. Janaka was very happy with his family. Sita grew up as the most charming and beautiful women. On a day she was playing with her friends with a ball and it went under a huge table which is carrying the mighty bow of lord Shiva. This Bow is presented to Janaka through sage vashista which is used during a war between lord Shiva and lord Vishnu. It was very heavy to carry for even 50 best warriors of the country. Devi Sita moves it along with the table using single hand. Looking at the scene king Janaka surprises and decides to give her hand to a person who can really lift the bow and string it.

                Ravana doesn’t get the invite but still he listening to the beauty of sita wish to visit the swayamwar. He tries to lift the mighty bow of lord shiva and fails. Looking at the failure of demon king everyone withdrew themselves from the competition. Lord Shri Ram takes the bless of his guru Vishwamitra and walks ahead to lift the bow. Before he try to lift it, he prays lord Maha shiv and easily succeeds. While trying to string the bow it cracks and thus he wins on the swayamwar announced. Demon King Ravan for the second time notices the strength of Lord Shri Ram.

                In a Superb manner their marriage is conducted and even today it is believed as the best marriage in India. Along with Lord Shri Ram his three brothers also got married to the sisters of Sita.
Thus Lakshmana is married to Urmila, Bharatha is married to Maandavi and Shatrughna to Shrutakeerthi.

 During marriage sage Parashuram arrives.

Story of Sage Bhargava Ram or Parashu-Ram:

Sage Bhargava is the sixth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is the son of Renuka and Saptarishi Jamadagni. One among the seven immortals of Hinduism. The story of him can be said so simple and straight. He is a warrior but sage. He commenced deep penance to lord shiva and was given with indestructible axe (Parashu) as weapon. He is a very angry sage. It is believed that he wounded Lord shiv with his axe on an fierce fight when he was being tested by lord. Lord shiva preserved this wound as an ornament and is hence also known as Khanda-Parashu.

His Mother Renuka is known for her devotion towards her husband. With her faith, she was able to fetch water in a pot built with unbaked clay. One day her thoughts get filled with desire for a moment when a group of Gandharvas are passed in sky through chariot and at that time the clay pot gets dissolved in water. Jamadagni knowing this with his yogic powers orders his sons to kill renuka. All of them refuses and angry father turns them to stone. But, Bhargava beheaded his mother and makes his father happy. He gets two boons for fulfilling his wish. The boy uses them for bringing his mother back to life and turning his brothers normal.

A king named Kartavirya visits the hermitage of Jamadagni once and gets feasted well. He comes to know that it happened with the help of Kamadhenu he having. He requests for it and the king steals it from him. Jamadagni orders his son to visit piligrim places for purifying the stains of blood. Sons of kartavirya discovering that their father is killed by Parashuram. They decapitated his body and took head with them. In rage parashuram killed all the Kshatriyas(kings) for over 21 times and conducts the cremation of his father.

Story at Shri Ram’s Marriage continues…

He arrived at the marriage ceremony and gets angry for breaking the bow of Lord Shiva. He asks Lord Shri Ram to handle the mightiest Bow of Bhargava and prove himself. Lord Shri Ram rejects him saying that as he is wearing the ring of marriage and as a reason he should not handle anything related to war. Sage considers him as coward and challenges him many times though Kings Dasharath and Janaka plead him. As no choice is left Lord Shri Ram decides to fulfill his wish. He handles the bow of Bhargava Ram very easily and then only the sage realizes that his Incarnation is now completed. 

Lord Shri Ram is recognized with his true form of Shri Maha Vishnu by Bhargava Ram and he leaves to Mount Mahendra.

                             **** JAI SHRI RAAM****


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