Wednesday 17 August 2016

Moral from a Bird's Life

The story of Bald Eagle

A beautiful story of a Bird which gives courage, moral to all humans and any living thing on earth. I have once listened about it from a Genius and got to read more on it. This Bird is Chosen proudly as a National emblem by one country. The country is none other than USA and the Bird is Mighty Bald Eagle.

                The story which attracted me is, “Bald Eagle has a life span of 70 years. But to reach that age it needs to get transformation at the age of 40 years. At the age of 40 eagle grows to a maximum size. It’s long and flexible talons can no longer can no longer grab prey, It’s long and sharp beak bends, Eagles thick feathers make the fly difficult as it stuck at chest. Eagle comes to a very hard decision, the eagle choses to break off its beak and rips of its feathers. It flies to a mountain peak and knocks its beak against a rock until it plucks it out.  Once the beak grows back it pluck out it’s talons. When the Talon’s grow back eagle starts plucking its old aged feathers. This painful procedure takes place for about 5 months. The Mighty Bald EAGLE then waits for them to grow back which extends the eagle life to 70 years.”

                Moral is “Many times we need to transform to get something new in life or to survive”. You need to sharpen the skills when the skills are not enough to survive in this world.
Bald Eagle was chosen as the emblem of United states of America on Jun 20, 1782. This breed of Eagle does exist only across this continent. The Great seal of USA shows a wide spread eagle, faced front, having on his breast a shield of 13 perpendicular red and white stripes, surmounted by a blue field with the same number of stars.

Bald Eagles are not Bald- They have feathers on head and neck, tail as well. “ Bald” is derived from the old English word “Balde” which means “ white”. Bald eagles fly with a minimum speed of 20 to 40mph in normal flight and can drive at speeds faster than 100mph when required. These Eagles typically use the nest for years and sometimes decades. They Build their nests at about 50 -150 feet high on the trees. This mighty bird can carry about 4 pounds of weight during its flight. These birds have a typical attitude, This eagle mates with one in life and if one among the pair dies, the other chose a new mate in same territory.

The nests of Bald Eagles are very large. They lay eggs till 20 years of their age. Interestingly they lay only 2 eggs per year and it counts as 40 eggs in each bird’s life span. It is calculated as only one egg among 8 survives. It takes 35 days to hatch and the young remains in nest for another 10-12 weeks until they fly. Typically, these birds didn’t make the babies learn how to fly. It preys on all the weakest of animals- Fish, snakes, Rabbits and all animals, including the dead being a scavenger.


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