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Tuesday 9 December 2014

PowerFul Next Generations

           The topic I have chosen is to simply implicate that the generation next to ours is stronger and intelligent than us. This we come across while seeing the next generation of us. They are capable of using a touch phone at the age of 1 and can call even. They have the talent to challenge the most competitive world at a high school class.  Some times we feel they are more like us, but the truth is they are like you at the age of 1 year when you are in 30's.This was never new to anyone, even for our ancestors.


Our story begins from Tretayuga where Lord Shriram faces his own children Lavakusa’s in a war comfortably easier than his worthy opponents like Ravana.

Lord Shri Ram defeats the demon Ravana in the greatest wars of Indian History at Sri Lanka and returns back to his country along with Devi Sita his consort after releasing her from Ravana. He becomes the best ruler of worlds and earns the highest rank among the hearts of his people. Lord Shri Ram used to go outside his palace as a common man and wishes to know the difficulties of his people always. One day he finds a husband and wife fighting with each other. Husband finds fault with his wife’s behavior and beats her. Wife says that the affection and love towards wife should be like lord shri ram who accepted her wife after being in the palace of Ravana for those many days. Husband unknowingly responds that saying I am not that fool to accept the guilty like Shri Ram. Listening to that Lord Shriram feels bad and orders his brother Lakshmana to drop his pregnant wife in forests. Lakshmana with heavy heart leaves Devi Sita in forest. Devi sita walks toward the deepest forest and finally reaches the hermitage of Maharshi Valmiki. She takes the shelter in the hermitage and gives birth to the twin children- Lava and Kusha.

Lord Shriram was not able to show up in his court for years. In mean time lovely kids Lava and Kusha grew young as Muni Putra. They were taught of the greatest king Lord Shriram as a role model to everyone and was asked to educate everyone. One day they reach kingdom Ayodhya and meets Lord Shriram. Lord appreciates them for their affection but was never able to answer them for question why lord left his consort in forest. They never knew that their mother is lord’s consort. Lavakusha’s develop a sort of aversion on Lord thereafter.

One day lord performs a penance to extend his kingdom, it is Ashwamedha Yagam --Which means a horse of lord shriram is left freely on lands and to what extent it may travel. All of it belongs to the king. Whoever stops the free horse are declared as enemies to king and they shall face the mighty king till their conquered. The Royal Horse travels towards the hermitage of Maharshi Valmiki where the Lava Kusha’s stop it challenging the mighty king. They decided to face Lord Shriram for making Devi Sita suffer in forests. Knowing the word that the horse is stopped by some saint kids, Bharatha and Shatrugna brothers of Lord Shri Ram go forward to make them understand the power of Lord. Lava Kusha are the best in knowledge and knows everything about the Lord from Valmiki and their mother. Both the brothers of lord are unable to convince the children and decided to fight them. Kids easily defeat them – They have the power of Father and Blessings too.

Lakshmana the angry brother of Lord knowing the defeat of his brothers move forward to revenge but gets pleased by the kid’s appearance and asks them to accept defeat. However they never accepts such offer and fights him too. They defeat Lakshmana as well. To be more concise and clear, Lord Rama is Shri Maha Vishnu, Lakshmana his serpentine, Bharatha and Shatrugna are his Sudarshana Chakra and Sankha.

Lord Shri Ram himself comes to know about the caliber of the saint kids. Lord Hanuma knowing that the kids are fighting their own father conveys the same message to Devi Sita. By that time the kids stands against and stands above all the Astra of Lord. Lord is left with no other choice than leaving his SUPER Astra --- RAM BAAN (Arrow of Ram) with which demon Ravana is killed. It is believed that the power of entire Ramavatar is embedded into that weapon.

Devi Sita comes to rescue her children and stands before lord shri ram after many years. Identifying his consort lord understands that his sons stood against him unknowingly. Kids knowing that their father is lord shri ram drops their weapon and withdrew war. Lord accepts Lava Kusa and makes them the kings. Devi Sita completes her Avatar after handing over the kids to their father and Rama completes his avatar after making his sons as kings.

Story of Veera Abhimanya:

Lord Krishna as the role player all the young kings of the Pandavas and Kauravas are killed in MahaBharatha. Lord Krishna who is the incarnation of Shri Maha Vishnu himself believed that the young kings, sons of Pandavas and Kauravas are much stronger than their fathers and fore fathers. Hence he played a role in each story by getting them killed at MahaBharath war. The question why they has to be killed raises before we start telling the stories. Before Dwaparyuga, the goddess of earth visits Shri Maha Vishnu and asks to relieve her from the pain of bearing the weight which is increase of population on earth. Then Lord decides to create a huge war on earth and thereby decreasing the weight. The reason for Lord’s Incarnation lies behind the oath given to Goddess of earth. His actions has always contributed towards killing the unbeatable warriors on earth, his reasons are simple when there is no opponent, no need of a warrior. He always wanted to make a sole heir for the throne and doesn’t want the brothers to fight anymore.

Let’s start with the warrior Abhimanya who is the son of King Arjuna. To start with his story, let’s start from the time when he is in the womb of his mother-Subadhra. When he is womb Subadhra asked Arjuna to be with her and tell something he knows. Arjuna being an expert as Archer tells her all the secrets of war and how to destroy various battle formations. While he is deeply explaining Chakravyuha Subadhra falls asleep. He never identifies it and continues to tell the process of entering the chakravyuha for which abhimanya from womb listens and learns. When Arjuna is about to tell the exit process of Chakravyuha Lord Krishna comes there and makes him realize that Subadhra is sleeping. This way Princess Abhimanya is aware of entering the chakravyuha but never know how to exit which leads to his death.

When he became young he was trained by Pradyumna, son of Sri Krishna and father Arjuna. He marries Uttara, daughter of King Virata. Abhimanya stands on the war day of 13th in MahaBharath and helps pandavas in overcoming their defeat. He is just 16 years and he kills about ¾ of akshouhini army single handedly. The story of this warrior is so painful when it just started. His wife Uttara, is carrying parikshit (who is the only one ruler left after MahaBharath). He starts for helping his family in war at this stage and he never sees them again.

The story starts when Dronacharya plans to capture Yudishtira in the absence of Arjuna. He plans for a Chakravyuha on the 13th day of war and asks Bhagadatta to lure Arjuna by taking him away from the war field. Arjuna chases him and leaves the war field. To beat the chakravyuha, rest of pandavas are not capable. They seek the help of Abhimanya in this point and assures him that they will follow him destructing the entire army. Here comes the introduction of another king Saindhava who achieves the boon of stopping all the Pandavas except Arjuna for one day. He stops all the pandavas and Abhimanya was left alone on the fields of Chakravyuha. He enters into the chakravyuha with a force and first takes the blessings of all elders with arrows.

He is a courageous and dashing warrior, he is capable to hold all great heroes of that era – Drona, Duryodhana, Karna, Dushashana, Kripacharya, Bhishma,etc.,  and proves that none can win him in Dwandva Yudha( One to One Combat). He destroys the entire army which came on his way and killed many warriors. He spared Duryodhana so that his uncle Bhima can fulfill his oath. When Duryodhana’s son, Lakshmana comes to defend his father Abhimanya kills him in one single arrow. Seeking to take revenge somehow on the young prince, Duryodhana orders all his warriors to attack at a time on Abhimanya. 

Drona also concludes that he cannot be killed in one to one combat and has to do it only through illicit means. Following them Karna cuts-off Abhimanya’s Bow, Drona and Kripa kills the horses and Charioteers. Abhimanya starts fighting with his sword and soon it is also separated from him, Drona destroys the sword and shield of prince with his arrows. Young prince finds nothing to fight with and hence picks the wheel of the broken chariot but it is broken into fragments by the enemy forces with arrows. He picks up a mace and fights Ashwatthama who leaps back avoiding the fight. Abhimanya kills Durmasana son of Dushasana who came forward to fight him alone. Seeing this Dushasana aim arrows on him and makes him without that mace. Karna stabs him in back and one by one everyone throws an arrow each and contributes to the death of Abhimanya, the great warrior. Lord Krishna knowing the future drives away his father Arjuna from war field.

However Arjuna pledges to kill Saindhava who has stopped his brothers from supporting his son and kills him by sunset.

This is the story of a great warrior who has performed his war skills better than his father and of course better than anyone.

Story of Veera Ghatotkacha:

Veera Ghatotkacha is the son of Bhima and Hidimbi. He is half-demon and half-human by their parents. Possess many magical powers and is able to fight during nights as demon. In Mahabharat he is an important fighter. He made all the opponents-Kauravas think that can we survive this night from him and spared for tomorrow. He received a boon from Lord Krishna himself that his magical powers can be untouched for everyone except him. He is married to Ahilwathi and have a son named Barbarika.

Coming to Base Line where the role of Lord Krishna has meant importantly in saving his favorite Arjuna. Karna had saved a weapon, Shakthi for killing Arjuna which is granted as boon from Indra when he gives away all his armor cutting his flesh. To be more concise Karna is son of Lord Surya and he is born with armor which is not penetrable by any arrow. He has a great nature of sacrificing anything when someone requests. He is by that nature until he kills Veera Abhimanya after pleading for a mace.

Arjuna is the son of King Indra, Indra knowing that his son cannot defeat karna when he wears armor takes the form of a Brahmin and requests him for that. Karna cuts his flesh and gives away the armor and ear rings, Indra getting pleased with his nature presents him a powerful weapon named Vimala Shakti. This is saved by karna for the next day’s war and meant to use against Arjuna. Lord Krishna knowing everything asks Bhima to call for Ghatotkacha intimating the death of Veera Abhimanya. In one fight Veera Abhimanya gets defeated with Ghatotkacha. Later they come to know that they are brothers and were more affectionate. Such was the ability of Ghatotkacha.

                By characteristic of the demons, their powers get increased and become extraordinarily powerful in nights. No warrior on Kaurava side was able to restrict Ghatotkacha in that night time. His dark skills keep on increasing in that night. Duryodhana calls for Karna and asks him to use the Shakthi against him. Karna says him that Arjuna can never be stopped if this weapon is consumed. Duryodhana says him that we can never survive this night from that warrior and fight tomorrow if he is not dead. Understanding the means of his king, Karna Aims Ghatotkacha with his mighty gifted weapon.

         Ghatotkacha realizing that his end has come in the form of weapon increases his gigantic size. Ghatotkacha dies at one shot of that mighty weapon. When he has fell on the army one akshouhini army gets crushed below him. (Akshouhini consists of 21,870 Chariots, 21,870 elephants, 65,610 Cavalry and 109,350 Infantry).

Story of Upa pandavas:

                UpaPandavas are the five sons born to Draupadi from each of the five Pandavas. They are Prativindya born to Yudhistira, Satanika born to Nakula, Sutasoma born to Bhima, Srutasena born to Sahadeva and Srutakarma born to Arjuna.

All of them are survived till the end of MahaBharath war. Surviving till end of MahaBharath war itself indicates the capability of Upa Pandavas in war. They kills everyone who is on their way. However there are no such stories indicating their capability at war. Once King Duryodhana is killed by Bhima, the war ended and the survivors from Kaurava side are only Kritavarma, Vrishakethu, Kripacharya and Ashwatthama-Son of Drona. Ashwatthama then knows about the death of his father who was killed when no weapon is handled by him. He also comes to know that Yudishtira lied that Ashwatthama is dead in war and hence his father dropped the weapons which lead to death through Arjuna. Thinking to take revenge on pandavas he attacks them during night with the help of other survivors. They kills everyone who came on their way and finally kills the sleeping princes, the UpaPandavas assuming as Pandavas. Krishna plays a role here by making the young princes to sleep in Pandavas camp. Ashwatthama unknowingly kills them and escapes from there. He takes shelter in a hermitage which belongs to Vyasa.

Pandavas seek to revenge for the death of their sons and search for Ashwatthama. When they are about to reach the hermitage. Ashwatthama devises a powerful weapon Brahmastra on them for which Arjuna also devises Brahmastra (A powerful Atom Bomb) against. All the worlds crumble against the power of the mighty weapons when Lord Krishna and Vyasa Intervene and asks to take the weapon back. Arjuna who has learned everything from Dronacharya, father of Ashwatthama takes the weapon back but Ashwatthama is not aware of this and hence he redirects it to the womb of Uttara where Parikshit, son of Abhimanya is growing. Lord Krishna knowing that the only last heir is left in her womb protects him against the mighty weapon. Lord Curses Ashwatthama for fighting on nights and on his intention of killing children.

Tuesday 2 December 2014

Love in Life

Sharing a moment from engineering, where I/We experienced a real love for the first time. I want to mix up some funny moments which took place as well.

                Year 2000- Month December, Joined Mechanical Engineering. I started from Visakhapatnam in a train and landed up in the town where our engineering college exists.

Day 1, I have seen ragging with my own eyes at the railway station itself and got scared. Our seniors seemed to be more dangerous than anyone else in the world. Afraid of getting into the college bus, I have chosen to go to a movie alone.

A week later also there is no change in my schedule. Travelling from Visakhapatnam to the town of our college, watching movie, having lunch and returning back to Visakhapatnam. Weekend my parents verified my notes and surprised of all white pages. I told them my problem and they assisted me this time in reaching the town. In train we met another friend Swamy who is coming to join our class. We decided to be together in a room and landed up in the town. My father dropped us in college and went in search of a room for us in the town.

My 1st day in college after 1 week was very good. I met with 60 friends who will be with me forever, they are decided by fate and god’s best gift as I believe. We introduced to one another in a funny manner and finally ended up at the end of day with lots of laughs. After college dad came to campus for picking me up. He told me that they found one room for us and arranged one more roommate from our class-he is Prasad. Another friend Sekhar from CSE is introduced to us by Prasad.

We four became roommates now. Dad and Mom arranged everything for us in the room. They spoke to few locals also to support us in case of urgency and left in the morning. Story started now, mom and dad introduced us to seniors assuming they are locals of that town. Hope there is clear understanding to everyone now what is happening after they left. Yes our ragging started the next minute, we forgot college for 2 more days. We are cooking for our seniors and arranging whatever is asked by them. One among them is our Naveen, he is 6 feet tall, fair, serious and handsome guy to look at. He pulled my collar on first day we met and lifted above 3 inches from ground asking why you have a moustache, Before senior.? Other is Ram who is also smart but a funny guy- used to ask everyone always “get a Beer for me Brother.”

We had many disputes till our Fresher’s day is commenced. We as Junior’s learned a lot from our seniors and they became our best friends. Many stories are running in each individual’s life and days passed, we became seniors now. Whenever we have a problem always assisted by senior friends. We made the first record in making a strike with their support against management who asked us to wear uniform. ..:)

In the young age that too in college days it’s so common that everyone fell in love with someone. They may be one-sided, Mutually-Agreed or anything. Few stories end up in pride but many end with pain. Suddenly on a day we came across the news of Naveen’s suicide which made us mad and run on roads. Quickly got the summary of suicide note as Love Failure. Naveen never spoke to any girl in our college as per all ours observation. Got deeper into knowing what has happened in real.

We came across his story, one of his classmate (I don’t want to name her in my story- Not afraid but because she has become an element of elimination to everyone in our college) loved him fondly and proposed in his 3rd year. Naveen was convinced though she is not at all suitable for him. They loved each other for 1 years without getting much publicity in college. He believed her to a point where he can sacrifice anything for her. In his 4th year she called him suddenly and conveyed the message of her marriage. He got depressed with such a message from her and discussed the same with his sister who is in an Industrial tour at Australia. His sister tried to convince him that she will take care of the issue once she is back. But, Naveen being so sensitive was unable to face anyone with his failure and getting cheated fame. He was unable to forget her for a while reached her hometown and spoke to convince her. She rejected him so badly, such that he took a decision to give up his life.

He moved towards a running train on track and committed suicide. His body parts are scattered all over the track which were collected by policemen. The engine driver himself said that he is more daring and one among who ran towards a running train which never happened till then in his career. He tried a lot to stop the train in saving him but was unsuccessful.

He wrote a letter in which he stated her to marry on wish. But requested her, to keep his name for her first born baby. He said he will take birth as her baby and live with her forever. We all were shedding tears when some cinema dialogues came across our real life. We never know if she has fulfilled his last request at least. We all know that Naveen parents are the unhappy people on earth at that moment and his sister has no words when her loving brother died.

Police enquired everyone the reason for his death, though a clear letter written by him is presented as statement. No one presented a false statement against the women who was responsible for our brother’s death. Only thing for getting survived is being women—“she can do anything to men and it will be left forever in silence.” His death is stated as unable to bear the mental pressure—which we agreed.

Though I agree to the context where women receive betrayal from men in many cases. They at least have the respect of justice.

We all were unable to forget him, organized Naveen Memorial Cricket tournament and dedicated the award to our brother Naveen in tears.

There was another story of our late brother Ram, who never asked anyone Beer again. He too left his life for love. On his death bed he in tears said,” I really don’t want to die”. I still remember it and will forever- His twin brother saying,” how I can forget you, when I am just like you.”

Whatever may be the reason for their decision, the pain they gave to their dearest ones is never measurable. We learned a lot from our seniors in this case also. We started in believing:

“Love is a part of everyone’s life, But Life is never with a single person’s Love.”

         On reading this some of my friends may start smiling, remembering the old fond memories.
  ---Written to let everyone know the value of Love and Life.

Monday 1 December 2014

The Magical Leaves

Life is a precious gift to us and everyone who live along with us. It may be in Men, Women, Animal or insect the value of life is always worthless. When such worthy single life has a chance to survive against the death and pain will someone ignore in knowing about it .? Answer is NO.

As I always state,” What’s not there in our Vedic Land, India.” A Survival against death also do exist. It’s known by almost everyone who read our mythology but I can say many of them ignored the truth lied in our Ayurvedam. Some stories say that, Nectar (Amrutha) gives a forever life to whoever drinks it. There is no such Nectar as of me, but it may be about the purest form of water which has the purity to resolve any problem in body. Sanjeevani (A healing and life giving herbal plant) have the capacity of giving life back after death, However it is not forever.

I don’t want to give a conclusion in my mind at the start of my article. But want to put before such story of those Magical leaves- SANJEEVANI and also some science involved.

SANJEEVANI is a Sanskrit word and can be translated as “immortal” or ”Life Giving”. It’s hidden in Indian Ayurvedic Science. Only few saints are aware of these herbs and they shared their knowledge to very less numbers who are disciples to them.

Let us start with a story from Tretayuga, Ramayana—Yuddha Kanda.

Base story: Sita devi the consort of Lord Shri Ram is taken away by the demon Ravana to Lanka Dweep (Currently Sri Lanka). Lord Shriram moves towards the Indian Ocean in searching and on way he meets the Veeranjaneya( Hanuma), Sugreeva, Jambavantha etc., at Kishkinda. Lord makes Sugreeva as king after killing his brother Vaali and they all together start searching for Sita. Hanuma flies across the ocean and finds sita in Lanka. All the army of Kishkinda start building the bridge between India and Sri Lanka which is the current RamaSethu. This bridge is built with rocks on which the name of Lord shriram is written as the lord of ocean grants a boon that rock will float with his name. War begins, many great warriors of Lanka falls before the army of apes.

Story at YuddhaKanda

Demon Ravana now orders his son, Indrajit also called as Meghanath to get rid of these apes and humans. Indrajit is a powerful demon who is expert in Black Magic. He alone can stand and defeat any one with his skills. Such demon is faced by Lord Shri Ram’s Brother, Lakshmana. To be more concise and clear, Lord Rama is Shri Maha Vishnu, Lakshmana his serpentine, Bharatha and Shatrugna are his Sudarshana Chakra and Sankha.

Lakshmana is also a powerful warrior than Indrajit. Indrajit knowing the fact decides to fight only with his magical powers. Lakshmana was not able to assess Indrajit’s caliber in right time. Indrajit takes the opportunity to deliver the most powerful weapon –Sammohanastra on Lakshmana. As a result Lakshmana fells down. Lord Shriram losing his brother doesn’t stop shedding tears. Hanuma flies to the Lanka and brings the royal physician Sushena. Sushena advises to bring the “ Life Giving – SANJEEVANI” from Dronagiri Hills in Himalayas before sunrise. He explains him that they have the capacity to glow with their power.

Lord Hanuma starts flying towards Himalayas. He reaches and fells in a confusion of identifying the herb. He decides to uplift the complete mountain and bring to battle field. He is objected by the Mountain King Drona and Hanuma tells him that he is doing so for his lord Shri ram’s brother. Mountain Drona accepts with pride and Hanuma carries the mountain to battle field. Sushena himself finds the herb and makes Lakshmana live again.

This time in war Indrajit is killed by Lakshmana.

Scientific Approach:

Selaginella bryopteris is commonly known as Sanjeevani. It grows on hills of tropical areas, particularly the Arawali mountain terrains from east to west in India. This has the power to relief from heart stroke, dysuria, irregular mensturation and jaundice.

The sanjeevani we are talking about exist before 300 million years and come under a group of plants which were the first vascular plants on earth. In Sanskrit it is called as Sanjeevani booti and is found in Himalayas. It is believed that it has a unique feature which is bioluminescence. There are different types of Sanjeevani:

Mrutha Sanjeevani – Resurrects the Dead.
Sandhanakarani – Restorer of skin and joints.
Savarnyakarani – Restorer of color and skin.
Vishalyakarani – Remover of Arrows.

             Desmotrichum fimbriatum is another plant which is equally standing in race with Selaginella bryopteris. This plant is from Western Ghats, North eastern states having medicinal values of resolving Astma, Bronchitis, fever, burning sensations, biliousness, and diseases of blood.
Scientifically Lakshmana, Brother of Rama may be in Coma when Sanjeevani subjected to him helped in awakening. This is a medication provided by the ancient Ayurvedic doctors.

             However the currently existing herbs doesn’t have the capacity to resurrect from death. But still the search is ever lasting and continuous for it as such important herb is never to be missed out.

Story of Shoora varma & Butcher

Story of Shoora:

King Vikramaditya with more patience gets on to the tree and takes Bhethal one more time on his shoulder. Starts his walk away from the tree. When Bhethal again starts telling one more story, O King..!! I will tell you a surprising story which you never heard. You have to answer after listening to the story or else your head will be cracked into 1000 pieces.

                In the kingdom of Ujjain there lived a Brahmin AagamaSwamy. He have a son named VedaPalak and a daughter named SomaPrabha. Father thought of marrying her daughter to the best man. He invites the young from various areas for choosing one to his daughter when Gyani, Vigyani and Shoora named three competed for her hand. Father decides to give her hand to Gyani but the other two argues without accepting it.

                At that time a demon comes and steals his daughter Somaprabha. Father and Brother becomes sad of this when Gyani with his intelligence identifies the path and place where the demon lives. Vigyani brings the horses and weapons. Shoora with them chases and hunts down the demon. He brings back the lady and handed over to his father.

                Now king Vikramaditya tell me who is the best match for SomaPrabha. Vikramaditya says,” Shoora is the one who is eligible to be as her husband”. Accepting the answer of Vikramaditya demon Bhethal flies back to the tree.

Story of Butcher:

King Vikramaditya with more patience gets on to the tree and takes Bhethal one more time on his shoulder. Starts his walk away from the tree. When Bhethal again starts telling one more story, O King..!! I will tell you a surprising story which you never heard. You have to answer after listening to the story or else your head will be cracked into 1000 pieces.

                Once there is a kingdom named helavathi ruled by King Chandra. He is blessed with a son named Rupavantha. In happy king constructs the temple premises and conducts the festival. Thousands of people from different areas attended the festival. A Butcher who came in this way to the city likes a women there and in the temple he pledges near goddess as he will give his head away if he gets the hand of that women. Then he approaches their parents to ask her hand. They agrees and both of them gets married.

                Butcher has taken his wife to native and lived happily. Few days after her parents wish to see both of them and sends their son to bring them. When they are coming back butcher remembers his oath to the goddess seeing the temple. Butcher immediately visits the temple and cuts his head off. Looking at his brother in law committing to death, her brother also cuts his head off. Women thinking of no reason of his life thinks to give away her life in similar way.

                Goddess appear before her and says not to do it. She tells the women that their lives will be spared back when their body parts are kept together. In a hurry women places the head of husband to body of brother and body of husband to brother’s head. They become alive as promised by goddess. The women identifies her mistake which is irreversible and thinks what to do..!!

                Bhethal asks Oh King Vikramaditya..!! now,  tell me who is the husband of women.  King Vikramaditya says that head is the important part of the body and hence the body carrying the head of her husband is her husband” Accepting to the answer of King Bhethal flies back to tree.

                                                          --Next story continues