Sunday 8 June 2014

Story of living 2000 years of Life- Bhatti Vikramarka

           One day in heaven the dancers, Rambha and Urvashi made a conflict among themselves in concluding the best dancer. They approached king Indra for justice. King Indra arranges a competition for them in his court by inviting all the sages and Devathas. Both the dancers performed their best with more competitive spirit and kept all the spectators in justice of doubt. They have told the dancers that both of them are very good dancers and it can never be possible in choosing the best one among them. They asked them to be friendly with each other. But both of them didn’t accept the justice given and hence declared that they will not dance till the best is announced. Lord Indra was left in confusion.

            Devarshi Narada arrives into the court of Lord Indra and asks the reason for their confused state. Indra explains him everything then Narada brings King Vikramaditya of Ujjain to his knowledge and tells that he is the most brilliant king. He advises to take his assistance in solving this riddle. Indra immediately sends his Invite to the king for attending his court as Judge. King Vikramaditya accepts the Invitation with pleasure and comes to DevaloK. King Indra explains his problem of declaring the best dancer to him. Vikramaditya says that he need time to resolve. Indra accepts it. Vikramaditya goes into the garden and prepares two garlands.

            Next day all the courtiers assemble, when king Vikramaditya asks both the competitors Rambha and Urvashi to wear the garlands and dance. Both of them accepts the garland and wears them. They starts the competition and in the same way as before makes all other to think that no one else can dance better than them. Similarly no one concludes the best among them. Indra asks King Vikramaditya to give judgement. Vikramaditya Says “Urvashi is the Best dancer” explaining that the petals of garland didn’t get loose with her performance whereas Rambha has disturbed the petals of garland with her performance and they were dropped all over in the court.

            Everyone accepts his Judgement and praises Urvashi for her performance. King Indra gifts Vikramaditya for his extraordinary brilliance with a golden throne of Salabhanjikas and blesses him to rule his kingdom for 1000 years on it. Vikramaditya happily returns back to Ujjain with the throne given and places it in Kalika temple. He takes the blessing of Kalika and returns to the palace. Knowing the arrival of his brother Bhatti approaches Vikramaditya.
King Vikramaditya tells the complete story and asks his brother to check for a good Muhoorth for throne establishment in court. Disappointed Bhatti says,  “ Dear Brother you forgot about me and didn’t bring anything for me.” Vikramaditya identifies himself for forgetting his own brother and apologizes him. They starts thinking for the channel to get a life of 1000 years to Bhatti as well. Bhatti decides to do penance for his 1000 years of life and starts it at the kalika temple.

            Pleased Kali appears and asks his wish. Bhatti requests for 2000 years of life. Kalika tests him, by asking his brother Vikramaditya head for 2000 years of life. Bhatti approaches his brother and tells him everything happened. King vikramaditya asks him to take his head and get 2000 years of life. Bhatti does the same. Devi Kalika gets impressed and blesses him with the request. Bhatti laughs at the goddess and says my brother is blessed for 1000 years of kingdom but that word failed today. How come I can believe that my blessing is true. Devi Kalika again gets impressed by the intelligence of Bhatti and gives life to his brother.

        Both of them returns back to the palace and thinks about their lives again. Bhatti says brother you will die before me which I cannot see and I have to live alone after you for another 1000 years. We must plan something to live together all the time. That night both of them are thinking about the same. Next day Bhatti advices his brother to rule kingdom for only six months in a year and another six months to go on a tour. In this way if he rules the kingdom he can also live for 2000 years along with him. King Vikramaditya remembers the words of Indra “ to rule the kingdom for 1000 years” and praises Bhatti for Intelligence.

In this way both the brothers lived for 2000 years and ruled the kingdom.


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