Monday 2 June 2014

When to Kill a Women-Story of Tataki


           Lord Shri Raam is the son of King Dasharath, he is fondly loved by his father. He was never away from his father and father was never able to stay away of him. But a sage Vishwamitra who knows the fortune ( a fight with the undefeated demon Ravana) of the young princess decide to teach everything he knows. One day  Vishwamitra arrives the Sabha of King Dasharath and requests for his help. King Dasharath assures him for anything he needs when he was asked to send out his son Shri Raam as the protector of Yagna to be performed. King Dasharath requests him to take anything but says he cannot send his son. Angry Vishwamitra wishes to leave the kingdom when Dasharath with no choice sends his son Shri Raam  and  Lakshmana as his protector along with him.

Vishwamitra teaches lord shriram and lakshman the usage of most powerful weapons such as Brahmastra too in their journey of learning. The young prince becomes more powerful with his new learnings. Vishwamitra tells them that the power can be used only against injustice. He says that any weapon which fights for justice through a truthful person is more powerful than even Brahmastra and hence the arrow of Raam have that power. Without wasting a moment of time brothers earned the knowledge from their master Vishwamitra.

Lord Shriram learns what is justice in case of women and When to Kill a Women with the story of Tataki.Tataki is a women demon who is very powerful. She is the mother of Maricha and Subahu- who play a key role in separating Shri ram and Sita devi.

        A yaksha king sukethu perfomed tapasya in the desire of having a son. Lord Brahma blessed him with a strong and beautiful daughter instead. He marries her to an Asura king named Sumali. They have 2 sons and 1 daughter(Kalikesi). Tadaka and Sumali wishes to marry their daughter to sage Vishrava as their kids will get the power to rule the entire 3 worlds. Vishrava although married fels in love with Kalikesi and fathers the most powerful demons on earth— Ravana, Vibhishana, Kumbakarna and Soorpanaka.

       Knowing this Rishi Agastya curses Sumali and kalikesi to death. Tadaka with her sons try to take vengeance on sage. Agastya was a very powerful sage with his yogic powers. No one can touch him with an intention to harm. He is also very angry sage. He cursed Tadaka with the loss of beauty and transformed them into demons. They moved to a forest on the banks of Ganges and Sarayu and continued to live there. Tataki did not allow anyone to dare in stepping into forest.

Maricha and Subahu started harassing all rishis by destroying their penance, yagnas with rains of blood and flesh. Vishwamitra who knows all this brings in the young princes into the forest. He tells the story of Tadaka and asks him to kill her.

Lord Shri Ram says, “A woman cannot be killed by a warrior. She is in this form due to a curse and not by in nature. Whatever she might be I cannot kill a woman.”

Vishwamitra says, “ A Woman can be killed when she is demonic and is spoiling others life. Evil has no gender, caste or creed. As a prince of the nation your responsibility is to look after the good of your people." Kill her she is a demon.

        Lord agreeing for his teacher Vishwamitra swiftly pierced her heart with arrows and was blessed by all the sages. Knowing this her sons act upon rage. They reach the Yagna place of Vishwamitra and tries to disturb it. When the young prince and his brother Lakshman builds a Chakra with arrows above the place which will not allow anything to come beyond from sky. 

       They hit Maricha and Subahu hard with their arrows.Subahu gets killed with the shot of arrow. Maricha fells in sea and swims to Lanka for escape. The Yagna went undisturbed and the proudful guru continues with them for the Sita Swayamwara of King Janaka. King Ravana listens to the name of Lord Shriram for the first time through demon Maricha.


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