Sunday 27 April 2014

Bengali Soul-Neighbor Ghost

            I believe that some people definitely have access to the world around us which is unknown. When they say, it’s true none of us believes. Rather calling them the ghosts I will call as Souls which are left back in our world. These souls always try to say something to the people who cannot see them, very interesting thing is they keep on saying till you listen….!!! One such story is here…

            A newly married couple, Ashok and  Akshaya from a different state in India takes a house in west Bengal. The very first day they identify that the house is not built across Vaasthu Shastra. They perform gruhaprawesh puja on the first day in house and started their life very happily. To identify the odds in a new place it will take time for any one, in the same way they were not able to identify the odds happening around them so easily on first day.

            A week later for the first time, they started thinking what has happened.

Day 1: They performed puja for Gruhaprawesh and next day saw that all the items of pooja are not in place. They were just thrown from their original place. They have drawn an conclusion that it might be due to the rats in old house.

Day 2: Akshaya is in kitchen, and cooking. She just goes to other room after keeping the gas stove in sim, when she returns it is in high and the food is heated to worse. She thinks it was her mistake.

Day 3: Akshaya waves her Ashok from their balcony when he is going to office. Suddenly Ashok observes one more shadow waving him for a moment. He thinks it was his imagination as he didn’t see it again.

Day 4: Only Ashok listens to some moaning all the night, he was not able to sleep properly. There was some sort of disturbance at home which he didn’t recognize. He thinks it’s due to pressure at work.

Day 5: Akshaya feels like some one is coming near her and whispering. She felt afraid and Ashok reaches home late. As he is already stressed due to no sleep and work, there were some differences between them. Both of them were not able to sleep properly entire night. Think that it is due to the dispute among them.

Day 6: Morning they woke up with fresh faces and convince each other. They were happy again. It was for entire day, Ashok stays at home for his Akshaya. They went out for lunch and came back late in night. There was no power at that time, they came in the house. There were no candles. Went downstairs to his friend’s house and got one. They lighted it and just before them was a shadow which blows the light off. Both of them gets stunned for a while and lights it again. Nothing is on their way. They moved in and after sometime power came back. Late in the night, Ashok woke up and walked towards the wash room when he was hardly hit by a shadow. He realizes that something is there which has hit him. Wakes up his Akshaya and tells her what has happened. Both of them sat watching what is happening at their house all night.

Day 7: They started to recollect what else has happened to them all these 7 days. Each one of them shared their experiences with the other for first time. They concluded something is definitely wrong. When Ashok says,” Yes, I know this before. Someone has told me about this old house”.

            He remembers and tells his Akshaya that when he is in search of the house nearby to his office. An agent says that there are two houses side by side in an apartment. I can help you in getting one. Agent asks to call the owners, when the Ashok called to the first owner. He responded angrily saying that he will never give that house for rent and kept the call down. Hesitatingly he calls the other owner, when he responds happily and says,” You can occupy tomorrow. House was closed from long time you can clean up.” When Enquired he came to know that both these houses are closed from years, yet he decides to take one as it is nearby to office.

            Akshaya says it was a wrong decision to take such house. He decided to send her home for a while till he searches a new house. She goes her home and he brings in his friend to stay with him. All the night they discussed about what has happened.

            It’s hard to believe when someone says about the experience on ghosts but everyone listens very carefully. The friend who listened all about the story makes fun of Ashok saying “then what else your Bengali Uncle says..!!”, Ashok becomes angry on him when he decides to see with his eyes, what’s true. Comes very early from office and waits for the reality. Starts working on his laptop and suddenly he realizes that his friend is late. He moves to the balcony lights up his cigar and turns around to get in. When the smoke just shows him what’s behind him. He gets shocked and becomes speechless, calls his friend and asks to come fast. He walks out of the house till then. Once they met each other started how to deal this situation. All the night they didn’t go inside the house.

            Both of them just tried to know what it really wants. They too started trying to talk with it. They made an experiment of listening carefully when there is some disturbance beside them. They succeeded in identifying that it was not wishing to harm them but is surely trying to convey some message. Both of them read many books about how to conclude its conveyed message. One day they decided to play coin game as it’s not so risky. They have drawn a board as per the rules and started inviting the soul.

            Very soon they found the response, coin started moving. They identified and started questioning:

Question1: Are you here?
Answer: Yes
Both the friends started to be nervous and sweat.

Question2: What is your name?
Answer: BENGALI Uncle.
Ashok’s friend is shocked now as it is the word used by him for fun to tease his friend.

Question3: Why were you here?
Answer: I need a favor.

Question4: What do you want to say us? Why are you frightening us in our house?
Answer: I’m your neighbor.

Question5: We didn’t understand what you wanted to say?
Answer: I’m here because I am your neighbor.

Question6: Tell us your story. What is that you wanted to tell us?
Answer: …………….

Question7: Are you here?
Answer: ……………

Friend says: Ashok, I think he left. Why did he go?
Ashok says whatever may be the reason we should stop playing this game also. That day both of them were discussing to find a new way to talk with him. Suddenly they decided to play the same again at midnight. They started playing:

Question1: Are you here?
Answer: YES

Question2: why did you leave?
Answer: I didn’t leave.

Question3: why didn’t you answer us then?
Answer: I don’t want you to put in trouble

Both the friends started thinking what is it’s real problem. Ashok says, we will at least share your problem. You can tell us your story.
Ghost replied lately saying its story
I’m the owner of your neighboring house. Murdered and left behind in that locked house.

Ashok and his friend got shocked. Ashok says I spoke to my neighboring owner before I took this house for rent. This is not possible.

Answer: Ghost says he is the one who killed me.
Ashok says, I identified some change in his voice and its fear for sure when I asked house for rent.
Ghost says its story :- I am a government employee, with all the money I earned tried to buy an house but money with me is never sufficient. One day, one of my colleagues came up with a plan. He said we will together invest and buy a single flat. Gave me a chance to live in the new flat and just asked me to pay some half amount of rent as long as I live there. I agreed with the deal as my dream can be fulfilled. I wanted to make a surprise for my family, so didn’t tell them.
            The day of registration came. I took my money and went to my colleague’s house. Both husband and wife are arguing with each other on why flat is getting registered on my name. They decided to stop the purchasing of flat. When I said, please register it on your name only. Just give me a deal note saying I have invested this much amount on flat and allow me to stay there. I thought at least I can live happily for life time. Flat is registered.
            Very happily, I went to flat for the first time. When suddenly I was hit strongly on my head. Turned around I saw my colleague and his wife. Both killed me took the note from me and burned it. My dream of living in new house ended with my death in that dreamt house. That night they tried to move my body from there when they saw someone moving at the ground stairs, dropped that idea. Later many times they tried and failed to move my body. Today also they came when we are talking and I went there to protect my body in between our discussion.

Ashok and his friend is surprised now. They don’t know though they were in neighbor house.

            Ghost says that very soon they will remove his body from there and will enjoy his house. It asks them to help its family and make justice. It explains that its family was facing many financial problems.

Ashok and his friend Prakash ended up the game and started thinking what needs to be done. They never knew when it became morning.

            To their surprise next morning his Akshaya and her mother came along from hometown. They didn’t wish to say all has happened at first. But slowly informed them everything. Ashok mother in law says not to involve in such cases in a new place and tells to look for a new house. That day she takes all of them to Maa Kaali temple and does pooja. She explains the problem to priest there and asks for powerful KAALI YANTRA. Keeps it at the bedroom door and left to their hometown. Ashok with lots of thoughts on his mind sleeps on bed. When at midnight he listens to some one moaning at his door. He him self finds his body very warm and feels really something is going wrong.

            He goes out of the bedroom when suddenly a cool wave touches him and says my body is being moved. Help me. Ashok immediately calls his friend prakash, tells him to bring as many people as he can. Comes out of the house and sees that the neighboring door is opened. 

           He moves inside the house in dark with a candle light though his wife is stopping him. He watched the corpse of the Ghost on bedroom but didn’t find the criminals. Thinking that his presence made them to hide he searches all rooms and reaches the balcony when suddenly they pull him to push out of balcony. He fights them and in mean while received the timely help from his friend Prakash. They catches them and puts before police. Policemen called the ghosts family to identify. All the night Bengali uncle’s family is crying at the other house. When Ashok is sitting in house, with wife on one side and Uncle on another side thanking him.

Uncle leaves the world happily thereafter.




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