Monday 1 December 2014

The Magical Leaves

Life is a precious gift to us and everyone who live along with us. It may be in Men, Women, Animal or insect the value of life is always worthless. When such worthy single life has a chance to survive against the death and pain will someone ignore in knowing about it .? Answer is NO.

As I always state,” What’s not there in our Vedic Land, India.” A Survival against death also do exist. It’s known by almost everyone who read our mythology but I can say many of them ignored the truth lied in our Ayurvedam. Some stories say that, Nectar (Amrutha) gives a forever life to whoever drinks it. There is no such Nectar as of me, but it may be about the purest form of water which has the purity to resolve any problem in body. Sanjeevani (A healing and life giving herbal plant) have the capacity of giving life back after death, However it is not forever.

I don’t want to give a conclusion in my mind at the start of my article. But want to put before such story of those Magical leaves- SANJEEVANI and also some science involved.

SANJEEVANI is a Sanskrit word and can be translated as “immortal” or ”Life Giving”. It’s hidden in Indian Ayurvedic Science. Only few saints are aware of these herbs and they shared their knowledge to very less numbers who are disciples to them.

Let us start with a story from Tretayuga, Ramayana—Yuddha Kanda.

Base story: Sita devi the consort of Lord Shri Ram is taken away by the demon Ravana to Lanka Dweep (Currently Sri Lanka). Lord Shriram moves towards the Indian Ocean in searching and on way he meets the Veeranjaneya( Hanuma), Sugreeva, Jambavantha etc., at Kishkinda. Lord makes Sugreeva as king after killing his brother Vaali and they all together start searching for Sita. Hanuma flies across the ocean and finds sita in Lanka. All the army of Kishkinda start building the bridge between India and Sri Lanka which is the current RamaSethu. This bridge is built with rocks on which the name of Lord shriram is written as the lord of ocean grants a boon that rock will float with his name. War begins, many great warriors of Lanka falls before the army of apes.

Story at YuddhaKanda

Demon Ravana now orders his son, Indrajit also called as Meghanath to get rid of these apes and humans. Indrajit is a powerful demon who is expert in Black Magic. He alone can stand and defeat any one with his skills. Such demon is faced by Lord Shri Ram’s Brother, Lakshmana. To be more concise and clear, Lord Rama is Shri Maha Vishnu, Lakshmana his serpentine, Bharatha and Shatrugna are his Sudarshana Chakra and Sankha.

Lakshmana is also a powerful warrior than Indrajit. Indrajit knowing the fact decides to fight only with his magical powers. Lakshmana was not able to assess Indrajit’s caliber in right time. Indrajit takes the opportunity to deliver the most powerful weapon –Sammohanastra on Lakshmana. As a result Lakshmana fells down. Lord Shriram losing his brother doesn’t stop shedding tears. Hanuma flies to the Lanka and brings the royal physician Sushena. Sushena advises to bring the “ Life Giving – SANJEEVANI” from Dronagiri Hills in Himalayas before sunrise. He explains him that they have the capacity to glow with their power.

Lord Hanuma starts flying towards Himalayas. He reaches and fells in a confusion of identifying the herb. He decides to uplift the complete mountain and bring to battle field. He is objected by the Mountain King Drona and Hanuma tells him that he is doing so for his lord Shri ram’s brother. Mountain Drona accepts with pride and Hanuma carries the mountain to battle field. Sushena himself finds the herb and makes Lakshmana live again.

This time in war Indrajit is killed by Lakshmana.

Scientific Approach:

Selaginella bryopteris is commonly known as Sanjeevani. It grows on hills of tropical areas, particularly the Arawali mountain terrains from east to west in India. This has the power to relief from heart stroke, dysuria, irregular mensturation and jaundice.

The sanjeevani we are talking about exist before 300 million years and come under a group of plants which were the first vascular plants on earth. In Sanskrit it is called as Sanjeevani booti and is found in Himalayas. It is believed that it has a unique feature which is bioluminescence. There are different types of Sanjeevani:

Mrutha Sanjeevani – Resurrects the Dead.
Sandhanakarani – Restorer of skin and joints.
Savarnyakarani – Restorer of color and skin.
Vishalyakarani – Remover of Arrows.

             Desmotrichum fimbriatum is another plant which is equally standing in race with Selaginella bryopteris. This plant is from Western Ghats, North eastern states having medicinal values of resolving Astma, Bronchitis, fever, burning sensations, biliousness, and diseases of blood.
Scientifically Lakshmana, Brother of Rama may be in Coma when Sanjeevani subjected to him helped in awakening. This is a medication provided by the ancient Ayurvedic doctors.

             However the currently existing herbs doesn’t have the capacity to resurrect from death. But still the search is ever lasting and continuous for it as such important herb is never to be missed out.


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