Friday 11 April 2014

Story of ChandraVarna-Father of King Vikramaditya

             In India there are many legends which brief the heroism of our kings and other brave people. Among them is one our King ChandraGupta who is well known as Vikramaditya. He is so called from his kings and emperors because of his strength and abilities in ruling his kingdom with justice all the time. Basing on his capabilities there are more known stories with morals along. He is well known with his brother Bhatti and is called as Bhatti- Vikramaarka.

            Long Long back so Long back there was a village named Nandipuram and there lived a Brahmin, ChandraVarna who is a pandit by learning all Sastra’s and literature. He was not satisfied with the knowledge he possess and was enthusiastic to learn all which are available. Hence he decided to be as Brahmachari(Unmarried) till he becomes the one who has learned all the knowledge available. Deciding so he starts his search for such a Guru(teacher) across the states. Finding no one who satisfies his will he continues his journey from a forest. He becomes much exhausted from his journey, feels hungry and thirsty. He goes in search of water and finds a lake, drank it and takes rest below a tree.

            A Very powerful demon which is living on that tree watches Chandravarna. This demon is so powerful that there is nothing away from its knowledge. It is doing sacrifice or offers to Lord Brahma from that tree for its MOKSHA. Such demon wakes up the Brahmin and asks why he was there. Chandra Varna explains his wish to the demon and his journey in search of the Guru. He also grasps that the demon is capable of giving the knowledge which is unknown to him and hence requests him to accept as his disciple.

            Delighted demon accepts him as the disciple and says, “ I shall teach you all that are known to me. Don’t waste any of my time and learn with concentration. You can learn in time.” Chandravarna Says, “ Dear Guru, I will accept every difficulty to learn your teachings happily.”

            Demon guru says that it will be sitting on the tree, will write his teachings on the leaves of tree and drop them for six months. Chandravarna  shall read all of them to gain complete knowledge all the six months, day and night without sleeping, having food, water. Even a day of interruption will make him angry and Chandravarna will fail to learn all the knowledge.

            Chandravarna accepts the conditions of demon guru. Demon becomes happy because of his strong wish to learn and tells him a spell with which sleep, hunger and thirsty can be overcome. With the help of the spell chandravarna overcomes all the difficulties and gains all the knowledge from demon. Mean while the sacrifice of the demon comes to an end. His curse to take birth as demon goes away and he was enshrined with more power. Looking at the surprised Chandravarna, demon explains about his sacrifice and says that “you have gained all the knowledge in this world now and there is nothing left unknown. You can now go to your native and marry a beautiful woman, have a peaceful and happy life”. Saying so demon gets vanished to Brahma Lok.

            Chandravarna starts from there to make his way home. Due to not having food and sleep from last six months he was very weak .He decides to go to any nearby village for having them. He reaches a beautiful house, and thinks that it belongs to a Brahmin. Expecting that he could have sufficient food and rest there, he approaches the house. But, no one is present at the house in that time and hence he rests at the front of the house with the leaves written by demon below his head.

            That house belongs to a Devadashi, Alankaravalli who is very rich. She is good at dance and music. Late in the night she reaches her house from the temple and observes Chandravarna infront of her house. Chandravarna was unconscious even when she tried to wake him up. She observes the worse condition of chandravarna as he didn’t had food, bath anything from last six months. Though he was full of dirt in clothing she makes a note that he is bright with his knowledge and comes to a conclusion that he must be from a very good family.

            She brings in a doctor for his treatment and helps him in making his health good. She works hard to bring him back to health and after many days he becomes conscious. He observes that the house belongs to a Temple dancer who is Veshya and decides to leave. Alankaravalli watches him recovering back from health and feels happy also she feels sad as he is leaving without even intimating her. She says“ O Dear Brahmin..!! How this is a way of thanking me? When you are leaving without intimation after my help, I cannot be without you and want you to marry me”. Chandravarna in response to her request says that “ she is like his mother as saved his life”. In this way they argument for long time and this case was brought before the king.
            When the king asks the reason for heir dispute it is explained as followed by Chandravarna, “O King..!! I am Brahmin and is a scholar. I am on the way to my house and became sick. This Alankaravalli has helped me by saving life. Now she wanted me to marry her. How can I marry a Devadashi being a Brahmin, will the world accept it and how is that going as per our Dharmas?.

            Then Alankaravalli explains herself to the King saying, “ King..!! everything said by Chandravarna is true. Though I belong to a veshya community everyone in the village knows the good attitude of me. I have loved this Brahmin and could not live without him. Kindly do the justice and I can live only basing on your justice”

            King says the Brahmin that a women cannot be treated with injustice in his kingdom and for not over ruling the Dharma’s he suggests to marry all the Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vysya and Sudra women along. King who is already very well impressed by the Brahmin’s glow of knowledge and handsomeness decided in mind that he shall become the husband of her daughter. He also suggest the Asthana Pandit’s daughter , Vysya Somasekhara’s daughter. And as already Sudra women Alankaravalli and Kshatriya women daughter of king are ready to marry him. Marriage is done with all the four of them. Alankaravalli felt very happy of her marriage with the Brahmin Chandravarna.

            They have all spent their time happily for years. Brahmin’s daughter gave birth to Pallavudu, Kings daughter gave birth to Vikramadithya , Vysya’s daughter gave birth to Bhatti, and Alankaravalli gave birth to Bharthruhari. They have learnt Vedas and have learnt all skills. Meanwhile the king who has no sons make Chandravarna as king and he has been ruling the kingdom in success. He makes all his sons to learn everything he knows. 

          When he is ready to handover the kingdom to his sons, he makes a call to all of them and says that “Alanakaravalli is the reason for marrying all their mothers and hence she is his first wife. Her son only have the right to become king, all of you have to support them in ruling the kingdom with justice”. All the sons accept it and the King Chandravarna rests in peace. Barthruhari and Pallava moves away for tapasya after ruling the kingdom for a while, making Vikramaditya as king our hero of these stories. Bhatti, his Brother is the wise person who becomes his minister. Both of them with their intelligence and courage had conquered many strong kingdoms. Their kingdom has spread till the Himalayas. Then they shifted their capital to Ujjain. There is a tale followed in next article which says how Vikramaditya and Bhatti ruled their kingdom for 2000 years with the gifted throne of 32 Salabhanjika’s.


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