Tuesday 24 June 2014

Bhethal#2:Story of Padmavathi

Story of Padmavathi:

Once King Vikramarka got bhethal onto his back, it started telling another story. O king..!! Tell me the answer of my question after listening to this story. If you didn’t tell knowing the answer your head will crack and if you tell the answer I will fly back to tree.

Once there is a kingdom on the bank of Ganges named TanjaNagar ruled by king Pratap. He have a son named Vajramukh. Vajramukh have a close friend named Subuddhi who is the son of minister of kingdom. They are so close to each other from childhood. Subuddhi is very clever. One day both of them went to jungle for hunting and lost their route home. Becoming exhausted they sat near a river and rested for a while.

Suddenly they saw a beautiful lady with her friends. She also gets impressed for the handsome personality of prince and likes him. But she doesn’t want others to notice her, hence to clue him. She takes the lotus from her hair and keeps it in ear. Starts biting the fruits, Presses the leg on land and places the flower on her leg. Finally she signs him by placing her hand on chest. All of them plays in river and goes away from there.

Prince was very sad when she left and looking at his face subuddhi asks him why he is feeling bad. Prince expresses his interest towards the lady to friend when he says why you feel so sad when she left all clues and invited home. Surprised prince asks his friend how he is saying like that. Subuddhi then answers his friend saying ,  “ Dear prince..!! she is a very clever lady. She clued you without the knowledge of others. By placing the flower in her ear she said her town is Karnapur. By biting the fruit conveyed that she is a daughter of strong person. By pressing her leg on land indicated that king is kalinga and by placing flower on leg told her name as Padmavathi. Finally indicated your place in heart by placing hand on chest.”

Prince gets delighted by this message and starts for Karnapur. They stays at the residence of a old lady. Tells her that she will be rewarded with money on her help of carrying the message to lady. Old lady accepts it and reaches Padmavathi. Tells that prince has arrived and is waiting at residence of her. Padmavathi doesn’t accept her message and sends the old lady back by tying a rope from her balcony. Old lady reaches home and tells everything happened to prince and advices him to leave that town. Prince with a question mark in his face looks at his friend when he smiles and said prince she acted smart again and sent another clue. She invited you into her place from the way back to her room. This midnight you reach there and go up with the help of rope. You can find her.

Prince feels happy and does the same as said by his friend. Once he reaches the rope he found padmavathi waiting for him. Both of the felt happy and lived secretly for many days. After many days he remembers his friend subuddhi and wish to go back. But Padmavathi objects him and doesn’t allow to go. Days passed padmavathi notices that he has a deep friendship with Subuddhi. She thinks to conquer his heart solely and asks prince to take some sweets with him while going to visit and to bring him here.

She gave some sweets saying so and asks prince not to eat. Prince felt happy and left to visit his friend. Subuddhi becomes happy to see his friend. Prince told him everything and gave sweets. Subuddhi identifies that there is poison in sweets and tells prince. Prince did not believe to the words of Subuddhi and explains him that she is very good at heart. Subuddhi throws the sweets to a dog and on having it dog instantly dies. Watching the cruel mentality of Padmavathi prince decided not to believe women forever.

Subuddhi then tells prince that it is not safe to live in that city and they have to take padmavathi and leave to home town. He tells him that there is a plan for it and as a part asks him to go back tonight near her and when she is in deep sleep asks to steal the precious stones chain from her, then to make three nail marks on her chest. Prince does as said by his friend.

Next day subuddhi takes the form of a sage and acts like he is commencing penance in burial ground. The son of king’s minister become his follower. He gave him the chain of precious stone and asks to show the people. Also tells him that, “Whoever comes and ask it bring them to me”. Follower walks across the country with that chain and king knowing of it enquires the cost. He answers that his Guru is only aware of the price and requests to come near him.

King follows him to the burial ground and reaches subuddhi who is in form of sage. King asks the sage to tell the price of chain when sage says ,” O king there is no need to pay the price for taking this jewel chain. I am living here from a long time. Daily your minister’s son come here to eat the dead corpses and yesterday his daughter came here and ate the spirits living here. I have injured her on chest with my trishul and took her jewel chain. Later she went back to her house. It will be dangerous if she is left back in your city. As it is not acceptable to kill a women leave her in a deep jungle tying her eyes.”

King took the jewel chain and left back to his court. He ordered his minister to check whose chain is that. Minister identifies that the chain belongs to his daughter. King tells him the complete story and asks him to leave his daughter in forest. Minister with no choice left does the same as said by king. Subuddhi and prince reaches the forest and picks padmavathi. They went to their kingdom and lived in peace and happiness.

Bhethal says, “ Oh King…!! Tell now. Who is guilty among them.”

Vikramaditya says,” Bhethala, prince is a youngster and hence he loved a beautiful lady. Lady too have loved him and hence both of them are not guilty. Subuddhi has kept his friendship all time and has been a royal servant too. But the king didn’t give proper justice in case of padmavathi. He got bluffed with some wrong information and made injustice so he is alone guilty.”

Bhethal feeling OK for the answer of King Vikramaditya flied back to the tree.

                                                                --- Next story continues.


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