Monday 29 August 2016

Story of Arjuna


       King Vikramarka, gets on to the tree one more time to bring Bhethal. Bhethal started saying a new story again. He repeats his condition before telling the story that if he says answer Bhethal will fly back to tree and if he didn’t say answer even though he knows his head will be cracked into 1000 pieces.

       Long Back a country named Varanawathi was ruled by VeerDev. In it a Brahmin named Praveena was living. He was blessed with a son named Arjun. Brahmin in Pride married his son in his 14th year to a girl named Utsahavathi.

                One day Arjun was playing with his wife nearby a lake and suddenly a demon has taken away his wife. Arjun informed all the people and started searching for her. He was not able to find her anywhere. Then he wished to go out of village and search for his wife though his parents didn’t agree for it. 

                He reaches out all countries in search of her and finally reaches Vangadesh. He visits a Brahmins house named Padmanabha and requests for food. Padmanabha asks his wife to give him required food and leave house in work. Padmanabha’s wife cooked food for him and when she invites to eat. Arjun says,” Mother..! I need to fulfill my rituals ( Sandhya Vandanam- A salute to Lord Surya in evenings) during the evening. Please give me the food, I will have it after the rituals are complete.

                Padmanabha’s wife packs the food for him with all she cooked and gives him. Arjun visits a near by lake. Performs the ritual and opens the packet of food. Feeling thirsty he visits the lake again for drinking water.

                Meanwhile a garuda(Eagle) which is hungry grabs a snake and eats it over the tree. The snake in pain spits the poison which drops into the food. Arjun who had the food dies at the lake.

O King VIKRAMADITYA..!! now tell me whose mistake it is in real. Who is responsible for death of the Brahmin Child- Arjun…… Is that the Brahmin who ordered his wife to give food? Is that the Brahmin’s wife who cooked and gave food? Is that the Garuda which killed the snake? Is that the snake which spitted poison in food?? 

King Says, “ Asking food is Dharma. Following the word of husband is wife’s Dharma. Hunting the snake is Garuda’s Dharma. In a position of death snake spitting poison is common. So it’s no ones mistake.”
Listening to the answer Bhethal flies again back to the tree.

                                            ---Next story Continues


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