Tuesday 2 December 2014

Love in Life

Sharing a moment from engineering, where I/We experienced a real love for the first time. I want to mix up some funny moments which took place as well.

                Year 2000- Month December, Joined Mechanical Engineering. I started from Visakhapatnam in a train and landed up in the town where our engineering college exists.

Day 1, I have seen ragging with my own eyes at the railway station itself and got scared. Our seniors seemed to be more dangerous than anyone else in the world. Afraid of getting into the college bus, I have chosen to go to a movie alone.

A week later also there is no change in my schedule. Travelling from Visakhapatnam to the town of our college, watching movie, having lunch and returning back to Visakhapatnam. Weekend my parents verified my notes and surprised of all white pages. I told them my problem and they assisted me this time in reaching the town. In train we met another friend Swamy who is coming to join our class. We decided to be together in a room and landed up in the town. My father dropped us in college and went in search of a room for us in the town.

My 1st day in college after 1 week was very good. I met with 60 friends who will be with me forever, they are decided by fate and god’s best gift as I believe. We introduced to one another in a funny manner and finally ended up at the end of day with lots of laughs. After college dad came to campus for picking me up. He told me that they found one room for us and arranged one more roommate from our class-he is Prasad. Another friend Sekhar from CSE is introduced to us by Prasad.

We four became roommates now. Dad and Mom arranged everything for us in the room. They spoke to few locals also to support us in case of urgency and left in the morning. Story started now, mom and dad introduced us to seniors assuming they are locals of that town. Hope there is clear understanding to everyone now what is happening after they left. Yes our ragging started the next minute, we forgot college for 2 more days. We are cooking for our seniors and arranging whatever is asked by them. One among them is our Naveen, he is 6 feet tall, fair, serious and handsome guy to look at. He pulled my collar on first day we met and lifted above 3 inches from ground asking why you have a moustache, Before senior.? Other is Ram who is also smart but a funny guy- used to ask everyone always “get a Beer for me Brother.”

We had many disputes till our Fresher’s day is commenced. We as Junior’s learned a lot from our seniors and they became our best friends. Many stories are running in each individual’s life and days passed, we became seniors now. Whenever we have a problem always assisted by senior friends. We made the first record in making a strike with their support against management who asked us to wear uniform. ..:)

In the young age that too in college days it’s so common that everyone fell in love with someone. They may be one-sided, Mutually-Agreed or anything. Few stories end up in pride but many end with pain. Suddenly on a day we came across the news of Naveen’s suicide which made us mad and run on roads. Quickly got the summary of suicide note as Love Failure. Naveen never spoke to any girl in our college as per all ours observation. Got deeper into knowing what has happened in real.

We came across his story, one of his classmate (I don’t want to name her in my story- Not afraid but because she has become an element of elimination to everyone in our college) loved him fondly and proposed in his 3rd year. Naveen was convinced though she is not at all suitable for him. They loved each other for 1 years without getting much publicity in college. He believed her to a point where he can sacrifice anything for her. In his 4th year she called him suddenly and conveyed the message of her marriage. He got depressed with such a message from her and discussed the same with his sister who is in an Industrial tour at Australia. His sister tried to convince him that she will take care of the issue once she is back. But, Naveen being so sensitive was unable to face anyone with his failure and getting cheated fame. He was unable to forget her for a while reached her hometown and spoke to convince her. She rejected him so badly, such that he took a decision to give up his life.

He moved towards a running train on track and committed suicide. His body parts are scattered all over the track which were collected by policemen. The engine driver himself said that he is more daring and one among who ran towards a running train which never happened till then in his career. He tried a lot to stop the train in saving him but was unsuccessful.

He wrote a letter in which he stated her to marry on wish. But requested her, to keep his name for her first born baby. He said he will take birth as her baby and live with her forever. We all were shedding tears when some cinema dialogues came across our real life. We never know if she has fulfilled his last request at least. We all know that Naveen parents are the unhappy people on earth at that moment and his sister has no words when her loving brother died.

Police enquired everyone the reason for his death, though a clear letter written by him is presented as statement. No one presented a false statement against the women who was responsible for our brother’s death. Only thing for getting survived is being women—“she can do anything to men and it will be left forever in silence.” His death is stated as unable to bear the mental pressure—which we agreed.

Though I agree to the context where women receive betrayal from men in many cases. They at least have the respect of justice.

We all were unable to forget him, organized Naveen Memorial Cricket tournament and dedicated the award to our brother Naveen in tears.

There was another story of our late brother Ram, who never asked anyone Beer again. He too left his life for love. On his death bed he in tears said,” I really don’t want to die”. I still remember it and will forever- His twin brother saying,” how I can forget you, when I am just like you.”

Whatever may be the reason for their decision, the pain they gave to their dearest ones is never measurable. We learned a lot from our seniors in this case also. We started in believing:

“Love is a part of everyone’s life, But Life is never with a single person’s Love.”

         On reading this some of my friends may start smiling, remembering the old fond memories.
  ---Written to let everyone know the value of Love and Life.


  1. Thank you for sharing raa,, really they were real trgaedies,, we can never forget,, every one should realise love is there only if life is there??

  2. Hmmm.... Good one bharat. I still remember suspending our MEGA festival in the middle and running to the hospital in our skit costumes only to find Ram crying out in pain on the hospital bed... May their souls RIP.