Friday 18 July 2014

Story of Naveeravar

        King Vikramaditya with more patience gets on to the tree and takes Bhethal one more time on his shoulder. Starts his walk away from the tree. When Bhethal again starts telling one more story, O King..!! I will tell you a surprising story which you never heard. You have to answer after listening to the story or else your head will be cracked into 1000 pieces.

                Once there is a kingdom named Somavathi, ruled by King Sutramathi. He married Somaprabha and was living happily. One day a Brahmin along with his family came to his court and asks for shelter in his kingdom. Listening to the Brahmin’s request King asks him what kind of work he can do?

Brahmin Says, I am from the country Malavadesh and I am a Brahmin with good knowledge. I can do anything for you and can help you in toughest conditions. Please give me 500 Varaha’s per month. King agreed for Brahmin’s condition, gave him accommodation and paid him what he wanted. Brahmin lived happily in the kingdom. One day king got a doubt to know about him and sent his soldiers to Enquire everything about Brahmin behavior in his kingdom.

Soldiers Enquired and told king that he is a very good man. He is sparing 200 Varahas to temples and 200 to Brahmins from his salary of 500 varahas. He is maintaining his family in only 100 Varahas and is a very helpful man in the kingdom. King felt very very happy on listening to this and gave more respect to him than before.

Brahmin also been very loyal to king and was protecting him in all ways. He was given with name Veeravar by the courtiers and was treated with great respect. One day in midnight king listens to the moaning of a woman. He orders the Brahmin Veeravar to know who is crying in midnight. Veeravar follows the voice and reaches the end of city. King follows him to know how he will resolve the issue of that lady. Veeravar sees a lady and asks her why she is crying like this. She says, that she is the goddess of that kingdom, Soon the king is going to be in great problem which is threat to kingdom and king also. He is a very good king that is why I am crying said the goddess.

Brahmin worries for the king and asks the goddess how he can solve this problem. When she says a Brahmin kid has to be sacrificed to Maa Kaali and then only this can be avoided. Veeravar rushes to his house and explains his wife, son about the discussion with goddess. Tells them that he wants to give sacrifice of his son’s life and asks for their acceptance. Wife and son Agrees with Veeravar and follows him to Kaali temple. Veeravar Sacrifices his son and tells goddess not to harm their king as now sacrifice is done. Goddess feels happy and blesses the kingdom.

Veeravar’s wife and daughter with sorrow gives up their life. Veeravar also felt alone in their absence and sacrificed his life with sword.  King who is following the Brahmin watches all this and feels bad for his sacrifice to honor him. He wishes to give up his life as he was unable to protect the loyal servant. When he was about to give life, Maa Kalika Appears and stops him saying that the sacrifice of the entire family will go waste with his doing. She blesses him with a boon.

King asks Maa kali to make the entire family alive and immediately all of them gets alive. King reaches his fort as if he is not aware of anything happened. Veeravar reaches to king, when he enquires about the woman who has cried in midnight. He says I consoled the lady and made her happy, Sent her home and returned back.
King felt very happy for his answer and in his court told everyone about the loyality and sacrifice of Veeravar.

O King Vikramaditya…!! Now tell me who the best among the All.
King Vikramaditya says,” O Bethal…!! Loyal servant sacrificing anything for King is not new. Wife accepting Husband’s word is done in all world. Accepting Parents thought is the children’s responsibility. Hence all the four of them has done their responsible jobs. But, the king who tried to sacrifice himself for their lives is the best for his justice.”

Bethal pleased with the answer of Vikramaditya flies back to the tree.

                                                         ---- Another story Continues….


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