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Sunday 20 July 2014

Saptarishis- The seven stars

                SAPTARISHI’s (the seven sages), have a greater significance in Indian mythology. They have attained long life span due to their yogic powers and with the power of their penance. Though they are listed with different names in various literatures, they are the most powerful sages of Vedic land. They are the mind born sons of Lord Brahma (Creator). Other representations are Lord Vishnu(Preserver) and Lord Shiva( Destroyer). Saptarishi’s live for a period of time known as manvantar (306,720,000 Earth Years) serving as representative of their father Brahma.

At the end of Manvantar, new Saptarishis take the responsibility from the old. SaptaRishis are the highest in rank over Devatas and Other classifications of Rishis who are Rajarishi( Royal Sage, means king who is also a sage), Maharishi(Their third eye is open completely). All the SaptaRishis are Brahmarishis, they have completely understood the meaning of Brahman. Vishwamitra is the only one sage who was ranked as Brahmarishi with his deep penance. All the Brahmarishis are capable of defeating every weapon on earth, can forecast the future, Not influenced by Life and Death.


As per Shatapatha Brahmana and Brihadaranyaka Upanishad-
Atri, Bharadvaj, Gautama, Jamadagni, Kashyapa, Vashista and Vishwamitra.

As per Krishna Yajurveda-
Angiras, Atri, Bhrigu, Gautama, Kashyapa, Kutsa and Vashista.

As per Brihat Samhita-
Marichi, Vashista, Angiras, Atri, Pulastya, Pulaha and Kratu.

Manvantara is the age of Manu, used for time measurement in Hinduism. Manu is created by Brahma to create world and on his death another Manu is created to continue the cycle. 14 manvantara’s create a Kalp( Day+ Night of Brahma) according to time cycles of Hinduism. At the end of each kalp there is a Pralay where the world is destroyed and it lies in a state of rest this period is called the “Night of Brahma”. Only Brahma will sleep and neither Lord Vishnu nor Shiv are having sleep. The cycle of creation starts here again. Life of Brahma started in the Navel of Lord Vishnu and it is for 100 years (day Time). In the day time he creates world and in night he absorbs the life force back to him. Creation and destruction are done forever like this. Creation of Brahma is called Vikalp and total creation is called as Mahakalp.

Classification of yugas is from Manvantara. Each Manvantara have 71 Chaturyugas (Mean 4 sub-yugas- Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug and Kalyug).

SATYUG is for 4800 years (17,28,000 Human years), TRETAYUG is for 3600 years(12,96,000 Human years) , DWAPARYUG is for 2400 years(8,64,000 human Years) and Finally KALYUG is for 1200 years(4,32,000 Human Years—Currently we are in 5105 year as of 2014). Hence a Chaturyug is of 12,000 Years of Brahma in Total. We can observe a decrease in life span of humans also in this case. It is believed that Justice and truth are decreasing continuously in each stage of four YUGA’s.

In the current Manvantara the SaptaRishi’s are:-
Kashyapa, Atri, Vashista, Vishwamitra, Gautama, Jamadagni and Bharadvaja. All of them appears to us a stars in a format shown below. There is one more star which is slightly visible among them, Arundhati wife of sage Vashista.

For the story of Vishwamitra, Click here..

Vashista and Arundathi:-
Vashista is the author of Vasisht Samhitha a treatise on electional astrology. He is glorified in Rig veda. He is the rajGuru of Suryam vamshi. Arundathi is the wife of sage Vasishta.

Gautama and Ahalya:-
The Rig and Sama Vedic Mantras are authored by Sage Gautama. He was one of the earliest writers on Law. He also authored Gautama Dharma Sutra. Ahalya is the wife of sage Gautama.

For Story of Gautama and Ahalya, Click here

Atri and Anasuya:-
Anasuya is the wife of Sage Atri. He made a great penance in Kula Mountains to have Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv as his sons. The whole world is set on fire with his fierce penance, pleased gods of trinity were born as Dattatreya, Chandraartri and Krishnantri.

Anasuya is known for chastity. One day trimuthy decided to test and arrives her home as Brahmins. They asks her to serve food in naked. She agrees and converts them into kids. Surprised with the power of her chastity trinity of gods requests to give their original form and hence she becomes their mother.

    Kashyapa is the son of Marichi and grandson of Brahma. He was the father of Devas, Asuras, Nagas, garudas, vamana, Agni, Adityas, Daityas, Aryaman, Mitra, Pusan, Varuna and all Humanity. He is the projenitor, prajapati. He was author of Kashyapa Samhitha which is classical reference book in field of Ayurvedic Paediatics, Gynecology, and Obstetrics.

                In the story of King Parikshith killed by Serpant Takshaka, kahsyapa arrives to stop it when Takshaka challenges him by biting a tree and turning it into ashes. Kashyapa restores the tree with his yogic powers and defeats the serpant. However it explains the curse of Brahmin Boy and tells that consequences has to be faced. Sage understanding the future of King leaves the place taking offerings from Takshaka. Soon he realizes that what done is not correct and visits tirupathi for getting the rid of sin.

                  Jamadagni is the father of Parashuram, sixth incarnation of Vishnu. Also the descendant of sage Bhrigu one of the Prajapatis created by Brahma. Renuka was his wife, she used to fetch water from river in an unbaked clay pot with the power of her chastity. One day her heart was filled with desire when a group of Gandharvas are passing in sky. The pot dissolved. She being afraid of her husband doesn’t come home. Jamadagni knowing this from his yogic powers asks parashuram to kill her mother which he did.

For complete story, Click here

                  Jamadagni is a very angry sage he cursed Sun god on one day when he interrupted the personal time of sage and his wife renuka. He cursed him to get afflicted by Rahu (Surya Grahana has its origin here in this curse). Sun god in turn cursed him for death through a king, which is the story of Kartaviryarjuna.


                  He is one of the greatest sage in Vedic times and also descendant of sage Angirasa. His father is Devarsi Brihaspati. Sage Bharadvaja is Author of Ayurveda. He is the father of Guru Dronacharya. His ashrama still exists in Allahabad. He was a master of advanced military arts, including the Devastras. His wife is Suseela. He had a daughter named Devavarnini and son Garga.

Dronacharya(Guru of Pandavas and Kauravas) was born as a result of his attraction to Apsara.

According to some of the Puranas, Bharadvaja is found on banks of river Ganga and adopted by king Bharatha.He had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of vedas and in addition meditated for Indra, Lord Shiva and Parvathi for more Vedic Knowledge

Kutsa Maharshi:- (Krishna yajurveda)
He is the first who stated the allegories of first laws of celestial bodies. He outpoured 65 out of 82 Suktas in Rudram. The Prokshana Mantram,” Om Bhoo, Om Bhuvaha, Om Suvaha” said to keep power on water to purify anything which it touches is from the Mantra Drishtas Atri, Bhrigu and Kutsa Maharshi.

                The Astrology of SAPTARISHIS have a great significance in the Indian science. It’s a very huge concept to discuss, it’s the Vedic science.

Friday 18 July 2014

Story of Naveeravar

        King Vikramaditya with more patience gets on to the tree and takes Bhethal one more time on his shoulder. Starts his walk away from the tree. When Bhethal again starts telling one more story, O King..!! I will tell you a surprising story which you never heard. You have to answer after listening to the story or else your head will be cracked into 1000 pieces.

                Once there is a kingdom named Somavathi, ruled by King Sutramathi. He married Somaprabha and was living happily. One day a Brahmin along with his family came to his court and asks for shelter in his kingdom. Listening to the Brahmin’s request King asks him what kind of work he can do?

Brahmin Says, I am from the country Malavadesh and I am a Brahmin with good knowledge. I can do anything for you and can help you in toughest conditions. Please give me 500 Varaha’s per month. King agreed for Brahmin’s condition, gave him accommodation and paid him what he wanted. Brahmin lived happily in the kingdom. One day king got a doubt to know about him and sent his soldiers to Enquire everything about Brahmin behavior in his kingdom.

Soldiers Enquired and told king that he is a very good man. He is sparing 200 Varahas to temples and 200 to Brahmins from his salary of 500 varahas. He is maintaining his family in only 100 Varahas and is a very helpful man in the kingdom. King felt very very happy on listening to this and gave more respect to him than before.

Brahmin also been very loyal to king and was protecting him in all ways. He was given with name Veeravar by the courtiers and was treated with great respect. One day in midnight king listens to the moaning of a woman. He orders the Brahmin Veeravar to know who is crying in midnight. Veeravar follows the voice and reaches the end of city. King follows him to know how he will resolve the issue of that lady. Veeravar sees a lady and asks her why she is crying like this. She says, that she is the goddess of that kingdom, Soon the king is going to be in great problem which is threat to kingdom and king also. He is a very good king that is why I am crying said the goddess.

Brahmin worries for the king and asks the goddess how he can solve this problem. When she says a Brahmin kid has to be sacrificed to Maa Kaali and then only this can be avoided. Veeravar rushes to his house and explains his wife, son about the discussion with goddess. Tells them that he wants to give sacrifice of his son’s life and asks for their acceptance. Wife and son Agrees with Veeravar and follows him to Kaali temple. Veeravar Sacrifices his son and tells goddess not to harm their king as now sacrifice is done. Goddess feels happy and blesses the kingdom.

Veeravar’s wife and daughter with sorrow gives up their life. Veeravar also felt alone in their absence and sacrificed his life with sword.  King who is following the Brahmin watches all this and feels bad for his sacrifice to honor him. He wishes to give up his life as he was unable to protect the loyal servant. When he was about to give life, Maa Kalika Appears and stops him saying that the sacrifice of the entire family will go waste with his doing. She blesses him with a boon.

King asks Maa kali to make the entire family alive and immediately all of them gets alive. King reaches his fort as if he is not aware of anything happened. Veeravar reaches to king, when he enquires about the woman who has cried in midnight. He says I consoled the lady and made her happy, Sent her home and returned back.
King felt very happy for his answer and in his court told everyone about the loyality and sacrifice of Veeravar.

O King Vikramaditya…!! Now tell me who the best among the All.
King Vikramaditya says,” O Bethal…!! Loyal servant sacrificing anything for King is not new. Wife accepting Husband’s word is done in all world. Accepting Parents thought is the children’s responsibility. Hence all the four of them has done their responsible jobs. But, the king who tried to sacrifice himself for their lives is the best for his justice.”

Bethal pleased with the answer of Vikramaditya flies back to the tree.

                                                         ---- Another story Continues….

Sunday 13 July 2014

Story of 2 parrots

King Vikramaditya with more patience gets on to the tree and takes Bhethal one more time on his shoulder. Starts his walk away from the tree. When Bhethal again starts telling one more story, O King..!! I will tell you a surprising story which you never heard. You have to answer after listening to the story or else your head will be cracked into 1000 pieces.

Once there was a kingdom named Umavathi, king is Kesari. He has a parrot which can tell the future of anyone. On a day king asks the parrot to tell who will become his queen. Then the parrot says that she is the princess of the kingdom Magadh and her father is Chandralochan. It also says that she is also having a parrot which can say the future and she already knows about him. Without delay king sends his message to kingdom Magadh for asking the hand of princess. It is heart fully accepted by the king and both of them got married. King Kesari placed both the birds in a single cage and lived happily.

            The male parrot tried to be happy with the female parrot but the parrot didn’t allow it to get close to her. Both of them started to fight with words, Across gender they started saying one should not believe the other and finally approached king for justice. King asks the female parrot on what basis she is claiming like that. O King..!! Listen to this story.

           In a village named Midhilapur there lived a merchant DharmaDatt. He have a son named Datt. He made many wrong friendships and spoiled all his properties. He having nothing in his hands reaches to another merchant Hiranyaka and tells all his story with great sorrow. Merchant gives him another chance in life by giving his daughters hand to him. With great happiness they lived for years. One day he expressed his wish to visit his hometown along with his wife near his Father in Law. Hiranyaka sends his daughter along with him. On the way while they are resting near a tree he takes all the gold from his wife and throws her in an empty well. He went back to his old bad friends and lavishly enjoying there. Mean time some passengers who are crossing that well identifies his wife and sends her back home near father. His wife tells them that some thief’s has taken gold and him along with them but throwed her there. Her parents gave good support for her and they started waiting for him.
           Datt has spent all the money he has taken away and thinking that he can get more money on saying that his wife is sick comes back to her father. Surprisingly he sees his wife there and thinks of running away. When she comes after him and says that there is no threat to him. She takes him home and everyone feels happy. That night he takes away all the gold and cuts the throat of his wife. Her parents felt very sorrow for her death.
        Hence we cannot believe Gents is as concluded by the female parrot.
Listening to the story King asks the male parrot, on the basis of what it blamed the other gender. Then Male Parrot starts telling a story, In a village named Rakshitha there lived an merchant named Dhanagupt. He have a daughter named vasumathi, she is married to Samudragupt and they lived happily. One day Samudragupt left the city on business to earn more money.

       His wife loves a Brahmin and secretly meets him every day. After many days her husband returned back and with love he brought everything to her. She accepts all the love from husband and still continues to meet that Brahmin. One day at midnight the Brahmin is coming to meet Vasumathi. Soldiers of kingdom thinking that he is a thief hurts him with arrows. He reaching Vasumathi in deep pain remains silent due to fear. Vasumathi unable to identify his injuries thinks he is playing with her and hugs him and her nose ring gets stuck in his teeth before he died. She was unable to remove her nose from the dead man’s mouth and cuts her nose. With the nose injured she blames her husband for doing like that. Husband expresses his innocence and no one believes it. Even the king doesn’t listen to him and gives judgment for punishing. Meanwhile soldiers come and tells the king about what has happened. Angry king asked her to leave the town. This is why we should not believe women explained the parrot.

King Kesari listening to the story of parrot’s and was unable to judge. O King Vikramaditya..!! now you tell me how you can judge this dispute. King says, All the men are not wrong ones there are only some people who are wrong. But women can do anything for themselves, they are always selfish and not afraid of doing anything wrong as they are believed by everyone without proof. Hence my judgment is in favor to male parrot. Bhethal Accepting to king’s judgment flies back to the tree.

                                             --- Another story continues.