Wednesday 4 February 2015

Story of Karpataka

King Vikramaditya with more patience gets on to the tree and takes Bhethal one more time on his shoulder. Starts his walk away from the tree. When Bhethal again starts telling one more story, O King..!! I will tell you a surprising story which you never heard. You have to answer after listening to the story or else your head will be cracked into 1000 pieces.

Once in a rich city named Mallikapuram, the king was SakataSrunga. He have a friend by name Karpataka, he used to assist his king in all ways at all times. King once went to deep forests for hunting when his friend also assisted. King has hunted many animals and got thirsty. He was unable to bear the thirst when his friend gave 2 goose berries and with them his thirst is satisfied. He went back to his kingdom safely.

One day king expressed his wish of marrying the daughter of King Kalinga to his friend and has asked for his help in convincing her father. His friend karpataka boarded a merchant ship in order to travel kingdom Kalinga, when the ship got a problem with storm. Ship was broken and everybody is drowned. Karpataka found a wire of plant and hanged to that, with the help of same he travelled to another world Nagalok. He went to Kanchanapuram in that world and found a Durga temple.

He also found that the ladies from that kingdom came there to pray the goddess. Among them he liked one and expressed his view to be conveyed near another maid of her. Maid thinking that he will be betrayed by her princess secretly told him to have bath in the nearby lake and come back. Karpataka became very happy and in joy went to have bath in the lake. Once he drowned and came up he was back in his native Mallikapura River. 

With surprise and sadness in mind he told everything to his beloved king. Then king asked him to show the way how he went there as he wanted to see the lady whom he liked. Both of them started in a ship and reached the place as earlier. They travelled to Nagalok and then to the Kanchanapuram. They found the lady there and king told his friend that he never saw such a beautiful woman. The princess has saw both the young men and liked the king. She has asked him to marry her when the king told the princess that his friend is much handsome and intelligent than him to marry. He asked her to marry him instead. Princess accepted king’s advice and married Karpataka.

King told Karpataka that he has repaid the debt of one Goose Berry and still another is pending.

O King Vikramaditya…!!! Please tell know who among them is good in helping others? Bhethal asked.

King Vikramaditya answered saying the king is best as Karpataka serving his king is not a sacrifice but a responsibility. The way king advised the princess and got them married is a real sacrifice.

Accepting to the answer of King Bhethal flies back to tree.


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