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Thursday 5 December 2019


                        === I Request to read completely===

          Today, I wish to tell a well-known story of GHATOTKACHA . I know that everyone must have read it or heard it, somewhere but has anyone understood what is behind?

          GHATOTKACHA is a great warrior on the pages of KURUKSHETRA war at MAHABHARATH. He is born to one of the Pandava king – BHEEMA and a demon queen –HIDIMBHI.

           It is believed that Pandavas Army at War have 7 Akshauhinis. One Akshauhini consist of 21870 chariots, 21870 Elephants, 65610 horses and 109350 infantry. That is it consist of 218700 warriors.

Led by kings--- Drupada, Virata, Abhimanyu, Sikhandi, Satyaki, Nakula and sahadeva.

Kauravas have 11 Akshauhinis.



       After Bheema and his brothers lost everything what they have in KURUSABHA. They choose to travel the countryside towards forest. BHEEMA meets HIDIMBHI and kills her wicked brother HIDIMBASUR who is the king of that forest to save her. BHIMA leaves her family, as he still have to do many things at Hasthinapura.

      Ghatotkacha Marries Ahilawati and his sons were BARBARIKA, ANJANAPARVAN and MEGHVARNA.

       Lord Krishna boons Ghatotkacha that no one in the world would beat him in sorcery skills except Krishna himself.



              The mighty weapon was gifted from Lord Indra to Karna.

              Reason behind is – Lord Indra, knowing that KARNA is gifted son of LORD SURYA. Lord Indra also Know that Armour on KARNA body cannot be pierced by any weapon.  He gets afraid of the results when he fought with his son ARJUNA. So INDRA as a Brahmin, begs for the ARMOUR on KARNA body.

             KARNA Know that he will die without his ARMOUR. He still keeps his word; he cuts it from his body and gave to KING OF THE KINGS, LORD INDRA.

              INDRA understanding the greatness of KARNA, gifts a mighty weapon SHAKTHI to him.
SHAKTHI is so powerful that, even SUDARSHANA CHAKRA of Lord Krishna can’t pierce it.

              KARNA decides to use it on ARJUNA in war.

In MahaBharath , Kurukshetra war –

              GHATOTKACHA has fought with all the mighty warriors on the side of KAURAVAS. With his outstanding Sorcery skill, he has kept many mighty kings down. He has Injured DURYODHANA even with his skills.

Important story starts here:

        After the death of JAYADRATHA, on fourteenth day. GHATOTKACHA fights after sunset. Being a DEMON his powers were more effective at night. No one on the side of KAURAVA was a match to him in the war at that night.

        He frightens the KAURAVA Army with his DEMON body and makes them to run away.
DURYODHANA the king of KAURAVAS with his army was not capable to stop him and were injured. DEMON wrought great HAVOC in Kaurava Army using his power of illusion. Duryodhana understanding that the no one in his army will be alive, for tomorrow. If it was not stopped at NIGHT by killing GHATOTKACHA, requests KARNA to kill him with SHAKTHI.

        KARNA having no other choice kills GATOTKACHA using his mighty weapon SHAKTHI.
Wounded GHATOTKACHA rose to the sky increases his size to huge and hulk. In the midst of dying, he crushed one Akshauhini of kaurava Army by his weight as he fell.

       When all the Pandavas were in grief for GHATOTKACHA death, Lord Krishna dances in pride as the mighty weapon SHAKTHI, which is supposed to be used against ARJUNA, is consumed now.

    Every story has its moral, in the same way there is a MORAL in above one as well. I link it to the current days.
Who is Demon?

    ### To me a demon is one, who fights when we cannot.

### A demon is one, who believes that his strength lies in opponent weakness.

### A demon is one, which is inside Each and Every one.


In our story, when the sun sets – mighty warriors are afraid to fight GHATOTKACHA as his strength is more in nights.

He takes this as advantage to kill them and also to make them afraid.

When a Warrior who leads an army of Akshauhini is afraid to fight someone in dark, why do we choose to stand in such places ? knowing unsafe.

Now a Days, there is a DEMON in everyone. I believe there is nothing wrong in trying to be safe.

We must understand that these days everyone is being forced to work and manage his or her things. But please can this be done carefully...!!

Careful means, notifying whom to be notified about the whereabouts. Being aware of what kind of Applications are necessary when we work late and go late from offices.

To the parents, how to keep track of their children. How to educate them.

Our intelligence lies in being away from the DEMON’s we meet in daily life. Also from the DEMON’s who were waiting for a chance.

DEMON may be Men/Women/terrorists. 

VICTIM’s can also be Men/Women/Children.

Government may provide many protection forces to save us. But, being responsible is our first safety measure.

SHAKTHI – The weapon killed DEMON – May be LAW/GOVERNMENT in these days who responded after damage/death.

VICTIMS –May be us, Firstly who has to suffer. 

If there are any mistakes, please excuse me. It is just my opinion. Awareness is required in Men/Women.

==BEING SAFE, is Needed to Enjoy Tomorrow's FREEDOM==