Saturday 20 January 2018

Story of Theerthadarshi

King Vikramarka, gets on to the tree one more time to bring Bhethal. Bhethal started saying a new story again. He repeats his condition before telling the story that if he says answer Bhethal will fly back to tree and if he didn’t say answer even though he knows his head will be cracked into 1000 pieces.

                Once upon a time there lived a king named “VAMSAKETH” ruling the kingdom of VIJAYAPURA. His wife was “SATYAVRATHA”, she was the most beautiful lady among the women. King being much attracted never left her alone and ignored all his responsibilities of kingdom. The Minister of the kingdom was “THEERTHADARSHI”, he is a very loyal servant to king and hence he has taken care of kingdom greatly.

People of the kingdom who is not aware of kings doing thought that the minster has taken control over kingdom cheating the king. Minister knowing about peoples thought felt bad for him and left the kingdom. Then king has employed another Minister in his place and continued to be with the queen only as before.

                Theerthadarshi, the old Minister of king had went over the world and finally reached a city which is near by to the ocean. There he makes friendship to a merchant, who makes business over trading on sea. One-day merchant wish to go on a trade and the old Minister wish to accompany him. Both of them travelled together and on the way in between the sea they see a KALIKA temple on an Island. The Island is having a lake and on its bank, they see a beautiful lady.

                After completing the PUJA, rituals at the temple. Minister enquires the merchant about the beautiful lady. Merchant tells him that he knows nothing about her. Later they move on from the island, completed the trading and earns a lot of money.

                The old Minister, wish to see his king again after his tour over the world. He travels back to the kingdom and king on seeing him asks why he left the kingdom. He explains the reasons for his behavior. Later late in the night when they are discussing about the world wonders, minister also tells about the beautiful women he saw. Minister praised the lady too much such that the king decided to marry her. He left the kingdom to minister again and went to the merchant asking to help him in seeing the women.

                The king fells in love with the women he saw and asks her to marry him. The lady agrees to king and after few days on a night she leaves the king behind, walks into the dark in the island. King follows her and suddenly he saw that a demon swallows his wife on the bank of lake. King immediately kills the demon, cuts the stomach and takes his wife out. Then the lady explains king that she is a gandharva, and due to her fathers curse she is here. Her father says that her curse will be removed once the demon is killed by her husband who is king. Knowing this the king feels happy and travels back to the kingdom with his wife.

                King forgetting the kingdom again continues to be with the queens in the fort itself. Finding no change in king, Minister commits suicide.

BETHAL Says: “ O King Vikramarka !!, Now you tell me- why did the minister die?”
Is it due to
1.       The king returned back? or
2.       The king married the lady who he liked before?

VIKRAMARKA Says : “BETHALA, it is minister’s mistake to tell about a new women knowing his kings weakness. Understanding his mistake Minister committed suicide”

Listening to the answer Bhethal flies again back to the tree.

                                                                                  ---Next story Continues


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