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Wednesday 25 June 2014

A Journey of Learning - Lord ShriRam


              Anything we learn with our hard work can never be forgotten. Hence in olden days kings used to send their sons for training and gaining knowledge near Rishis deep into forests. There they used to serve the Guru and learn their teachings in return. It was believed that it helps the, to be ruler in building a very good attitude. The same way one of our gods, a real human with perfect attitude started his journey of learning from Ayodhya along with his brother Lakshmana and Guru Brahmashri Vishwamitra.

            Lord Shri Raam is the son of King Dasharath, he is fondly loved by his father. He was never away from his father and father was never able to stay away of him. But a sage Vishwamitra who knows the fortune (a fight with the undefeated demon Ravana) of the young princess decide to teach everything he knows. Oneday  Vishwamitra arrives the court of King Dasharath and requests for his help. King Dasharath assures him for anything he needs when he was asked to send out his son Shri Raam as the protector of Yagna to be performed. King Dasharath requests him to take anything but says he cannot send his son. Angry Vishwamitra wishes to leave the kingdom when Dasharath with no choice sends his son Shri Raam and Lakshmana as his protector along with him.

Their journey started across mountains, forests and the young princes who are never away from their fort gets thirsty. Vishwamitra asked the brothers to perform Aachamana (ritualistic sipping of water) with the water of holy river Sarayu and after it Sage initiates them two mantras (sacred verses)- Bala and Atibala ( Mother of all Knowledge) which will keep them fresh and free from fatigue also they will not feel hunger and thirst. Even Rakshas ( demon) cannot approach them though they are asleep. With the Sacred verses the strength of brothers Ram and Lakshman gets doubled. At night they take rest on river bank.

Story of Brahmarshi Vishwamitra

            The story begans when Brahmarshi Vishwamitra starts telling how to destruct ego first after being a king, he tells about himself to Lord Shri ram.

Brahmarshi Vishwamitra was none other than the great king Kaushika (descendant of kusha who is brain child of Lord Brahma).He is the founder of Gayatri Mantra , which is found in the Rig, Yajur and Sama Vedas. One day with his huge army he came across the hermitage of sage Vashista. When the peaceful sage requested him to be his guest. Kaushika thinking that sage cannot feed the entire army rejects his offer. Sage told him not to worry and informed him that he is having the Wish fulfilling cow (Kamadhenu) Sabala with him. He called out the divine cow and it had fed the entire army with a great feast. King thinking that it would be more useful for him than if it is near a sage, asks to give it to him. Sage Vashista smoothly rejects his offer when King gets angry and wishes to take it forcibly. Sabala made her own army to defend against the king kaushika and defeats him. King realizes that the real power is obtained only through penance.

            Defeated King leaves his kingdom in a thought to become more powerful than Vashista commences Penance for 12 years. With his deep Penance he made Indra to think that he will dominate his power. Indra sends Menaka an Apsara to seduce kaushika and disturb the deep meditation. Kaushika loses his concentration and lives with menaka for years. They gave birth to baby girl Shakuntala King after realizing the loss done to him. Menaka leaves her baby and leaves back to heaven. 

           Kaushika requests Sage Kanva to adopt his daughter, when he accepts. He curses Menaka that she will not possess her beauty in next birth. Kaushika continues his meditation again when an attempt to seduce him one more time is done again through Rambha. Kaushika curses her to become a stone for thousand years.

            King Kaushika continues his penance in severe at Himalayas for thousand years. He ceases to eat completely and his yogic powers becomes peak. Indra to test him again takes the form of a poor Brahmin and begs food near kaushik when he is about to eat after years of Tapasya. King Kaushik gives away his food and resumes his tapasya.Thus finally he masters his passions.

            One day Trishanku a friend of Kaushika came to him. He is the Contemporary king of him. Trishanku wanted to go heaven with his body but not with soul. So he goes to sage Vashista who is his guru and requests him to send him with body. Sage Vashista rejects him and hence he reaches Kaushika. Kaushika who is waiting for a chance to prove him more worthy than Vashista immediately sends him to heaven with all his yogic powers. Lord Indra king of heaven throws him down with all the force he have, replying that none one can enter the heaven with his own body. Kaushika holds him in midair and warns Indra for his doing. Indra replies he cannot make an exception to Trishanku. When the angry Kaushika creates another heaven for Trishanku and makes him king for it. His more powers make Indra so miserable and think a lot of him.

            Kaushika turned his name to Vishwamitra and started his penance again for attaining the status of Brahmarshi, to equal Vashista. When he came to know that he can attain it through Vashista and Brahma. He continues his penance and finally both Vashista and Lord Brahma appears before him and gives him the name Brahmarshi Vishwamitra. They reminds him that his fight is to fulfill the greed of having a cow. Vishwamitra thinks what he has done and finally gets into the control of nature. He understands what his ego has done and apologizes to Vashista. Sage Vashista accepts him as his best pal thereafter.. J

There were many stories with Lord Shriraam and Lakshman was explained with morals from Vishwamitra.

Another such story is of Ahalya where he learns how a women has to be respected, while crossing the hermitage of Sage Gautam.

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Vishwamitra reaches the confluence of Sarayu with Ganges. He says them the story of Ganga descending to earth through their ancestor Bhageeratha.

                        Click here for Story of Ganges ….

For anything on earth woman is the origin and for her Love man or god will do anything. Vishwamitra tells Lord shriram and Lakshmana about the marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. Though shiva is god the obstacles faced by him and how they lived happily forever.

  Click here for Story of Lord Shiva and Parvathi Marriage ….

Vishwamitra teaches lord shriram and lakshman the usage of most powerful weapons such as Brahmastra too in their journey of learning. The young prince becomes more powerful with his new learnings. Vishwamitra tells them that the power can be used only against injustice. He says that any weapon which fights for justice through a truthful person is more powerful than even Brahmastra and hence the arrow of Raam have that power.

Lord Shriram learns what is justice in case of women and When to Kill a Women with the story of Tataki.Tataki is a women demon who is very powerful. She is the mother of Maricha and Subahu- who play a key role in separating Shri ram and Sita devi.

Click here for Story of Killing Tataki and getting rid of her sons….

Knowing the death of Tataki her sons act upon rage. They reach the Yagna place of Vishwamitra and tries to disturb it. When the young prince and his brother Lakshman builds a Chakra with arrows above the place which will not allow anything to come beyond from sky. The Yagna went undisturbed with the guarding of  prince Rama and Lakshmana and the proudful guru continues with them for the Sita Swayamwara of King Janaka. King Ravana listens to the name of Lord Shriram for the first time through demon Maricha.

 Click Here for complete story of sita,Videhi and Ravan seetaswayamwar

On a day sita was playing with her friends with a ball and it went under a huge table which is carrying the mighty bow of lord Shiva. This Bow is presented to Janaka through sage vashista which is used during a war between lord Shiva and lord Vishnu. It was very heavy to carry for even 50 best warriors of the country. Devi Sita moves it along with the table using single hand. Looking at the scene king Janaka surprises and decides to give her hand to a person who can really lift the bow and string it.
Ravana doesn’t get the invite but still he listening to the beauty of sita wish to visit the swayamwar. He tries to lift the mighty bow of lord shiva and fails. Looking at the failure of demon king everyone withdrew themselves from the competition. Lord Shri Ram takes the bless of his guru Vishwamitra and walks ahead to lift the bow. Before he try to lift it, he prays lord Maha shiv and easily succeeds. While trying to string the bow it cracks and thus he wins on the swayamwar announced. Demon King Ravan for the second time notices the strength of Lord Shri Ram.

            In a Superb manner their marriage is conducted and even today it is believed as the best marriage in India. Along with Lord Shri Ram his three brothers also got married to the sisters of Sita.

Thus Lakshmana is married to Urmila, Bharatha is married to Maandavi and Shatrughna to Shrutakeerthi.

                      *** JAI SHRI RAM***

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Bhethal#2:Story of Padmavathi

Story of Padmavathi:

Once King Vikramarka got bhethal onto his back, it started telling another story. O king..!! Tell me the answer of my question after listening to this story. If you didn’t tell knowing the answer your head will crack and if you tell the answer I will fly back to tree.

Once there is a kingdom on the bank of Ganges named TanjaNagar ruled by king Pratap. He have a son named Vajramukh. Vajramukh have a close friend named Subuddhi who is the son of minister of kingdom. They are so close to each other from childhood. Subuddhi is very clever. One day both of them went to jungle for hunting and lost their route home. Becoming exhausted they sat near a river and rested for a while.

Suddenly they saw a beautiful lady with her friends. She also gets impressed for the handsome personality of prince and likes him. But she doesn’t want others to notice her, hence to clue him. She takes the lotus from her hair and keeps it in ear. Starts biting the fruits, Presses the leg on land and places the flower on her leg. Finally she signs him by placing her hand on chest. All of them plays in river and goes away from there.

Prince was very sad when she left and looking at his face subuddhi asks him why he is feeling bad. Prince expresses his interest towards the lady to friend when he says why you feel so sad when she left all clues and invited home. Surprised prince asks his friend how he is saying like that. Subuddhi then answers his friend saying ,  “ Dear prince..!! she is a very clever lady. She clued you without the knowledge of others. By placing the flower in her ear she said her town is Karnapur. By biting the fruit conveyed that she is a daughter of strong person. By pressing her leg on land indicated that king is kalinga and by placing flower on leg told her name as Padmavathi. Finally indicated your place in heart by placing hand on chest.”

Prince gets delighted by this message and starts for Karnapur. They stays at the residence of a old lady. Tells her that she will be rewarded with money on her help of carrying the message to lady. Old lady accepts it and reaches Padmavathi. Tells that prince has arrived and is waiting at residence of her. Padmavathi doesn’t accept her message and sends the old lady back by tying a rope from her balcony. Old lady reaches home and tells everything happened to prince and advices him to leave that town. Prince with a question mark in his face looks at his friend when he smiles and said prince she acted smart again and sent another clue. She invited you into her place from the way back to her room. This midnight you reach there and go up with the help of rope. You can find her.

Prince feels happy and does the same as said by his friend. Once he reaches the rope he found padmavathi waiting for him. Both of the felt happy and lived secretly for many days. After many days he remembers his friend subuddhi and wish to go back. But Padmavathi objects him and doesn’t allow to go. Days passed padmavathi notices that he has a deep friendship with Subuddhi. She thinks to conquer his heart solely and asks prince to take some sweets with him while going to visit and to bring him here.

She gave some sweets saying so and asks prince not to eat. Prince felt happy and left to visit his friend. Subuddhi becomes happy to see his friend. Prince told him everything and gave sweets. Subuddhi identifies that there is poison in sweets and tells prince. Prince did not believe to the words of Subuddhi and explains him that she is very good at heart. Subuddhi throws the sweets to a dog and on having it dog instantly dies. Watching the cruel mentality of Padmavathi prince decided not to believe women forever.

Subuddhi then tells prince that it is not safe to live in that city and they have to take padmavathi and leave to home town. He tells him that there is a plan for it and as a part asks him to go back tonight near her and when she is in deep sleep asks to steal the precious stones chain from her, then to make three nail marks on her chest. Prince does as said by his friend.

Next day subuddhi takes the form of a sage and acts like he is commencing penance in burial ground. The son of king’s minister become his follower. He gave him the chain of precious stone and asks to show the people. Also tells him that, “Whoever comes and ask it bring them to me”. Follower walks across the country with that chain and king knowing of it enquires the cost. He answers that his Guru is only aware of the price and requests to come near him.

King follows him to the burial ground and reaches subuddhi who is in form of sage. King asks the sage to tell the price of chain when sage says ,” O king there is no need to pay the price for taking this jewel chain. I am living here from a long time. Daily your minister’s son come here to eat the dead corpses and yesterday his daughter came here and ate the spirits living here. I have injured her on chest with my trishul and took her jewel chain. Later she went back to her house. It will be dangerous if she is left back in your city. As it is not acceptable to kill a women leave her in a deep jungle tying her eyes.”

King took the jewel chain and left back to his court. He ordered his minister to check whose chain is that. Minister identifies that the chain belongs to his daughter. King tells him the complete story and asks him to leave his daughter in forest. Minister with no choice left does the same as said by king. Subuddhi and prince reaches the forest and picks padmavathi. They went to their kingdom and lived in peace and happiness.

Bhethal says, “ Oh King…!! Tell now. Who is guilty among them.”

Vikramaditya says,” Bhethala, prince is a youngster and hence he loved a beautiful lady. Lady too have loved him and hence both of them are not guilty. Subuddhi has kept his friendship all time and has been a royal servant too. But the king didn’t give proper justice in case of padmavathi. He got bluffed with some wrong information and made injustice so he is alone guilty.”

Bhethal feeling OK for the answer of King Vikramaditya flied back to the tree.

                                                                --- Next story continues.

Sunday 22 June 2014

Stories of Bhethal

Story Of Bhethal:

One day Goddess Parvathi , requests her consort Lord Shiva to tell some beautiful and amazing stories which are not known to the world. Lord Maha Dev gets surprised of her request and gets pleased to satisfy her request. He says Devi I will tell you all such stories. All the night Lord has told many stories to Goddess Parvathi. At that time a Brahmin comes there to pray lord but on listening to the conversation stays unidentified and listens to all stories. Next day he goes home and tells his wife about all the stories and from here a chain starts, by last everyone on earth comes to know about those stories.

Goddess Parvathi comes to know that these stories are known to the world and she asks her husband lord shiva about this. Lord with his powers identify the person (Brahmin) who have done all this and curses him to be a demon. Brahmin with fear requests lord to excuse him. When Lord gave him a boon saying,” In future there will be a King named Vikramarka. He will come near you on the request of a sage. Then you can get relieved of your curse through him.” Brahmin becomes a demon and goes to a Jungle and started living on a tree.

After so many years Vikramaditya born and as a king he started ruling with Ujjain as capital. Once a sage named Santhisheel came to his court and presented him with a pomegranate. King without eating it gave to his soliders to preserve it. Every day he used to come his court and present in same way, king never ate it and gave to his soliders all the time. Soliders saved all of them at a place. One day  king gave it to his son and suddenly a monkey comes into court and snatches the fruit in his hand. On a bite of it surprisingly jewels fell down. Immediately king ordered all the fruits to open. All the fruits are found to have jewels. King feels very happy and surprised.

Next day when the sage came again to gift him with fruit, king asked him why he is blessing him daily like this and enquires if there is anything he seek from him. Then the sage requests the king to help him in completing his Yagam. He invites king alone to come and help him. King accepts his request. As promised king on Dwadashi midnight starts to burial ground with a sword and stands before the sage. Then the sage feels happy and asks the king to go to the tree which is nearby and bring the dead body on it. He also tells him that it is Bhethal the true power of Demon and not to talk with it.

King goes near the tree and sees a body hanging upside down. Fearless king gets on to the tree and brings Bhethal down. By the time he gets down the tree Bhethal again was on the tree laughing at him. King with lots of patience bring him down again. Bhethal asks his name and king answers. Bhethal knowing his name understands that he is the person whom the lord Shiva has told long before. Thinking my curse will be over soon demon tells king vikramarka in this way, “ O king..!! I will tell you some stories and you have to answer them. If you didn’t answer or gave wrong answer your head will be cracked into pieces and if you answer right, I will fly back  to my tree.” And starts telling the stories…

Story 1:

Bhethal starts telling the story once king gets it on his back in this way- O king, I will tell you a surprising story listen to me. Once there lived a Brahmin named Viswavas who is a pandit. After a long time of his marriage he became father to a beautiful girl. Once she was grown up they decided to marry her. One day three young Brahmins come their house. All of them likes the daughter of Viswavas and shows their will of marrying her near her father. Viswavas tested their knowledge in all ways and concludes that three of them are very much talented and have the eligibility to marry her daughter. He asks them only decide among themselves and come up with one name.

They started fighting themselves and never wanted to withdraw. Then they decide to take some time for deciding and leaves the country taking the promise from viswavas that his daughter will not get married until they return. Brahmins didn’t return for long time and the daughter of Viswavas died. She was cremated by her father. The Brahmins came to know about the news somehow and returned back feeling sad. As three of them are madly in love with her they are unable to leave her just like that and hence one was guarding her ash, another with her ashes went to the sacred city Kashi , the last one went off the country and started roaming here and there with sadness.

One day he reached a Brahmin’s house and asks for food.  Brahmin with kind heart tells his wife to serve food for him and goes for bath to river. His wife observing that there is no wood at home for burning stove kills her son and burns him instead of wood to cook food.  After cooking she collects all the ash in stove and blesses it with sacred water, hitting with a book. Surprisingly her son comes to life before the young Brahmin. Noticing this the young Brahmin thinking that he can bring the lady too into life , takes his food there and acts sleeping. When all were sleeping he steals the book and returns to the burial ground.

This Brahmin explains the other two about the matter and brings back the lady to life. Once she comes back to life all the three started fighting each other again.

Bhethal says,” Oh King…!! Now tell me. Whom among the three deserve to marry her ??”
King Vikramarka thinks and said in this way, “ Bhethala.. The one who brought her back to life is like her father. Another who went to the sacred city kashi for praying her soul to rest in peace is like her son. The last one who guarded her ashes till they are back is worth to be her husband.”

Bhethal gets pleased with the answers of King and flies back to the tree.

                                                        ---- Next story continues…

Story2- Story Of  Padmavathi
Story3- Story of 2 Parrots
Story4- Story of Narveeravar
Story5- Story of 3 Brahmins. 
Story6- Story of Shooravarma
Story7- Story of Karpataka 
Story8- Story of Arjuna
Story9- Story of Theerthadarshi

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Lord Shri Ram and Sita Marriage

                For everyone marriage is a dream where we need to share our entire life with an unknown. In India, it is more traditional and during every marriage the first thing remembered is the marriage of Lord Shri Ram and Sita. Marriage was celebrated for days in those days.

                Sage Vishwamitra receives the Invitation of King Janaka for blessing his daughter at the Swayamwar of Seeta devi. Sage who is aware of Shri Maha Lakshmi the consort of Lord Vishnu is in the form of Seeta devi walks along with lord Shri Ram to the venue.

Story of Goddess Sita :-

                To know about the story of Devi Sita the consort of Lord Shri Ram. There should be an Introduction of her birth first. Once there lived a son of Brihaspathi, his name is Brahmarshi Kusadhvaja. He is the guru of Devas and have spent his life reading the Vedas. He has a daughter who is very bright and charming, she followed her father in reading these vedas and hence named as Vedavathi. Her father wishes to give her hand to Lord Vishnu. A daitya king sambhu murders her parents for rejecting his marriage proposal. Yet Vedavathi continues her great penance for Lord Vishnu.

                Ravana the Asura King found Vedavathi meditating and gets attracted to her incredible beauty. He proposes her for marrying and she rejects it. Ravana who hates lord Vishnu spoils her penance by touching her hair. Vedavathi sacrifices her by jumping into fire. She rejects to curse him as her penance will go waste. But, tells him that she will take re-birth as his death. Ravana doesn’t want to leave her ashes even. Hence he by collecting the ashes in a box brings to Lanka. The ashes in box started show up in different forms to everyone of them. So, Mandodari wife of Ravana decides to throw that box in deep seas and orders her soliders. The box thus thrown travels in seas and thrown to land in a place Mithila.

                One day Janka the king of Videha was ploughing a field to prepare it for conducting Yagna. Suddenly the plough got stuck and king found a golden box on digging, he found a beautiful little girl in the box. He named the baby girl as Sita and she is also known as Janaki (Daughter of Janaka). She is considered as the daughter of Bhoodevi as found in earth. Days passed and SIta have 1 more sister Urmila and 2 cousin sisters from Janaka brother. Janaka was very happy with his family. Sita grew up as the most charming and beautiful women. On a day she was playing with her friends with a ball and it went under a huge table which is carrying the mighty bow of lord Shiva. This Bow is presented to Janaka through sage vashista which is used during a war between lord Shiva and lord Vishnu. It was very heavy to carry for even 50 best warriors of the country. Devi Sita moves it along with the table using single hand. Looking at the scene king Janaka surprises and decides to give her hand to a person who can really lift the bow and string it.

                Ravana doesn’t get the invite but still he listening to the beauty of sita wish to visit the swayamwar. He tries to lift the mighty bow of lord shiva and fails. Looking at the failure of demon king everyone withdrew themselves from the competition. Lord Shri Ram takes the bless of his guru Vishwamitra and walks ahead to lift the bow. Before he try to lift it, he prays lord Maha shiv and easily succeeds. While trying to string the bow it cracks and thus he wins on the swayamwar announced. Demon King Ravan for the second time notices the strength of Lord Shri Ram.

                In a Superb manner their marriage is conducted and even today it is believed as the best marriage in India. Along with Lord Shri Ram his three brothers also got married to the sisters of Sita.
Thus Lakshmana is married to Urmila, Bharatha is married to Maandavi and Shatrughna to Shrutakeerthi.

 During marriage sage Parashuram arrives.

Story of Sage Bhargava Ram or Parashu-Ram:

Sage Bhargava is the sixth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is the son of Renuka and Saptarishi Jamadagni. One among the seven immortals of Hinduism. The story of him can be said so simple and straight. He is a warrior but sage. He commenced deep penance to lord shiva and was given with indestructible axe (Parashu) as weapon. He is a very angry sage. It is believed that he wounded Lord shiv with his axe on an fierce fight when he was being tested by lord. Lord shiva preserved this wound as an ornament and is hence also known as Khanda-Parashu.

His Mother Renuka is known for her devotion towards her husband. With her faith, she was able to fetch water in a pot built with unbaked clay. One day her thoughts get filled with desire for a moment when a group of Gandharvas are passed in sky through chariot and at that time the clay pot gets dissolved in water. Jamadagni knowing this with his yogic powers orders his sons to kill renuka. All of them refuses and angry father turns them to stone. But, Bhargava beheaded his mother and makes his father happy. He gets two boons for fulfilling his wish. The boy uses them for bringing his mother back to life and turning his brothers normal.

A king named Kartavirya visits the hermitage of Jamadagni once and gets feasted well. He comes to know that it happened with the help of Kamadhenu he having. He requests for it and the king steals it from him. Jamadagni orders his son to visit piligrim places for purifying the stains of blood. Sons of kartavirya discovering that their father is killed by Parashuram. They decapitated his body and took head with them. In rage parashuram killed all the Kshatriyas(kings) for over 21 times and conducts the cremation of his father.

Story at Shri Ram’s Marriage continues…

He arrived at the marriage ceremony and gets angry for breaking the bow of Lord Shiva. He asks Lord Shri Ram to handle the mightiest Bow of Bhargava and prove himself. Lord Shri Ram rejects him saying that as he is wearing the ring of marriage and as a reason he should not handle anything related to war. Sage considers him as coward and challenges him many times though Kings Dasharath and Janaka plead him. As no choice is left Lord Shri Ram decides to fulfill his wish. He handles the bow of Bhargava Ram very easily and then only the sage realizes that his Incarnation is now completed. 

Lord Shri Ram is recognized with his true form of Shri Maha Vishnu by Bhargava Ram and he leaves to Mount Mahendra.

                             **** JAI SHRI RAAM****

Sunday 8 June 2014

Story of living 2000 years of Life- Bhatti Vikramarka

           One day in heaven the dancers, Rambha and Urvashi made a conflict among themselves in concluding the best dancer. They approached king Indra for justice. King Indra arranges a competition for them in his court by inviting all the sages and Devathas. Both the dancers performed their best with more competitive spirit and kept all the spectators in justice of doubt. They have told the dancers that both of them are very good dancers and it can never be possible in choosing the best one among them. They asked them to be friendly with each other. But both of them didn’t accept the justice given and hence declared that they will not dance till the best is announced. Lord Indra was left in confusion.

            Devarshi Narada arrives into the court of Lord Indra and asks the reason for their confused state. Indra explains him everything then Narada brings King Vikramaditya of Ujjain to his knowledge and tells that he is the most brilliant king. He advises to take his assistance in solving this riddle. Indra immediately sends his Invite to the king for attending his court as Judge. King Vikramaditya accepts the Invitation with pleasure and comes to DevaloK. King Indra explains his problem of declaring the best dancer to him. Vikramaditya says that he need time to resolve. Indra accepts it. Vikramaditya goes into the garden and prepares two garlands.

            Next day all the courtiers assemble, when king Vikramaditya asks both the competitors Rambha and Urvashi to wear the garlands and dance. Both of them accepts the garland and wears them. They starts the competition and in the same way as before makes all other to think that no one else can dance better than them. Similarly no one concludes the best among them. Indra asks King Vikramaditya to give judgement. Vikramaditya Says “Urvashi is the Best dancer” explaining that the petals of garland didn’t get loose with her performance whereas Rambha has disturbed the petals of garland with her performance and they were dropped all over in the court.

            Everyone accepts his Judgement and praises Urvashi for her performance. King Indra gifts Vikramaditya for his extraordinary brilliance with a golden throne of Salabhanjikas and blesses him to rule his kingdom for 1000 years on it. Vikramaditya happily returns back to Ujjain with the throne given and places it in Kalika temple. He takes the blessing of Kalika and returns to the palace. Knowing the arrival of his brother Bhatti approaches Vikramaditya.
King Vikramaditya tells the complete story and asks his brother to check for a good Muhoorth for throne establishment in court. Disappointed Bhatti says,  “ Dear Brother you forgot about me and didn’t bring anything for me.” Vikramaditya identifies himself for forgetting his own brother and apologizes him. They starts thinking for the channel to get a life of 1000 years to Bhatti as well. Bhatti decides to do penance for his 1000 years of life and starts it at the kalika temple.

            Pleased Kali appears and asks his wish. Bhatti requests for 2000 years of life. Kalika tests him, by asking his brother Vikramaditya head for 2000 years of life. Bhatti approaches his brother and tells him everything happened. King vikramaditya asks him to take his head and get 2000 years of life. Bhatti does the same. Devi Kalika gets impressed and blesses him with the request. Bhatti laughs at the goddess and says my brother is blessed for 1000 years of kingdom but that word failed today. How come I can believe that my blessing is true. Devi Kalika again gets impressed by the intelligence of Bhatti and gives life to his brother.

        Both of them returns back to the palace and thinks about their lives again. Bhatti says brother you will die before me which I cannot see and I have to live alone after you for another 1000 years. We must plan something to live together all the time. That night both of them are thinking about the same. Next day Bhatti advices his brother to rule kingdom for only six months in a year and another six months to go on a tour. In this way if he rules the kingdom he can also live for 2000 years along with him. King Vikramaditya remembers the words of Indra “ to rule the kingdom for 1000 years” and praises Bhatti for Intelligence.

In this way both the brothers lived for 2000 years and ruled the kingdom.

Saturday 7 June 2014

A Bird without Wings@ LEPAKSHI

           I have started my journey towards the India’s most famous monument Lepakshi, in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. I always had a thought that it was just a monument constructed in some golden era of Indian kings. But this has more good history than what I expected. My Journey started from 
Bangalore à Hindupur àLepakshi.

         I came to know that there are more temples in the way of road, so preferred going by road. It’s just a distance of 120Km from Bangalore. I have taken the beautiful pics taken in the trip and though I didn’t provide the detail of newly constructed temples, you can see images here. Let’s Start on ride.

         It’s a beautiful road around. On the way just nearer to Hindupur a newly constructed temple of lord shiva exists. It has a huge statue of Lord Shiva , many Lingas and all together an good premises. We have rested here for a while and this temple served us with the real purpose of constructing. Yes temples are infact designed in those days for the people who come to visit a new place on any purpose. This is sacred place and hence they just used to concentrate only on which work they came.

          Started our way to Hindupur and reached in just 15mins. It’s a small town and very near we have Dharmavaram. Dharmavaram is famous for Silk Sarees. From here a U-turn to Lepakshi is taken. Another 20mins we reached Lepakshi which is one among the 108 sacred places of Lord shiva. Sage Agastya stayed here in a cave on the kurmashila hill while visiting the sacred places in south of Vindhya Mountain. It is located very near to Siddapura, Jatinga Rameshvar, Brahmagiri, yerragudi  which are connected to emperor Ashoka.

         Firstly we visited the famous Veerabhadra temple. This temple is constructed in Vijayanagara architectural style by brothers Viranna and Virupanna in 14th century. This temple is fully with Stone carved pillars and mural paintings from the Vijayanagar Kings period. It is Significant with three shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Virabhadra.

There are two different stories with the village name Lepakshi. One has a Link with the Ramayana and other about Virupanna the constructor.



I am starting with the story which I believed.

           This village have a mythological link to Ramayana. The story is When Lord Ram and Seta along with Lakshmana were in Forests on the wish of his father. They constructed a Parnasala to live. One day Maricha( Know More) who escaped earlier from Shri Ram’s arrow on the wish of his King Ravana takes the form of Golden Deer and attracts Seeta devi. Lord Shriram to gift it for his beloved wife follows it into forest leaving brother Lakshmana behind. Lord Knowing that it was a demon magic aims at the deer and kills it. Maricha while dying takes the voice of shriram and calls for help. Lakshmana asking seta not to cross his line out the house and runs for helping his brother on the wish of Devi seeta.

         Demon Ravana comes in the form of a begger and deceived sita devi. When she crosses the line of Lakshmana he starts taking her to Lanka, his empire in sky. Goddess Sita throws all her jewellery from the sky when a bird(Jatayu), an Ape(Hanuma) finds them. Jatayu is a very powerful Bird of the skies. He knowing that Lord Shriram’s wife is being taken by demon Ravana attacks him and tries to stop though it is difficult to him. Ravana as being more powerful demons of all easily defeats the bird. Cuts the wings of bird and throws it away. He continues his journey and takes away sita to Lanka.

       Lord Ram who came to know that his wife is taken by a demon follows the marks thrown by sita from sky. He reaches first to the place where a bird, Jatayu Laid with his wings cut. Lord says to the bird: Le-Pakshi (means -Raise Bird). Jatayu Raises for him in this village and hence village is named after in this way. Jatayu conveys the detail of Ravana, the demon who has taken sita devi and dies in the hand of Lord SHRIRAM. 

Lord Continues his journey to deep forests and then meets Hanuma later. It’s a different story.


Another story belongs to history.

Virupanna is the treasurer of Vijayanagara king Atchutaraya. He was the In-charge of temple construction at lepakshi. His enemies reported king that he is misusing the funds. In those days, it was customary to pluck the eyes of the keeper of royal treasury if he was found guilty. Virupanna being a loyal servant plucked his own eyes and threw at the wall. Hence two dark stains are visible on the west wall of southern entrance of inner closure. Thus came the name “Lepa Akshi” which means plucked eyes.

Temple Premises:

Natyamandapa is the finest part of the temple. There are about 70 sculptured pillars, 12 pillars in center forming a court. They are carved with sculptures of dancers and musicians. One among is the Hanging pillar constructed in Upside down. As always a British engineer tried to explore our Indian Engineering and hence it is bit dislodged from original position. 

Another antique is the serpentine with seven hoods outside the Natyamandapa.It is a massive Naga with three coils and seven hoods forming a sheltering canopy over a black granite Shivalingam. This is the largest Nagalinga in India. Another exquisite sculpture of Lord Ganesh captures the eye of everybody, particularly once people enter the second interior court. This is hewn in stone and leaning against a rock.

This temple is a testimony of Viswakarma Brahmins who sculpted the temple. It is also believed that Amara Shilpi Jakkanna took half within the coming up design of temple. There are 3 Mandapas inside the temple—Artha, Mukha and another Incomplete but beautiful kalyana mandapa(38 Sculptures).Western part of kalyana Mandapa is known as “Hall of creepers” for its geometrical wonder. The sculptures and mural paintings on the natya and kalyana mandapa are exceptional for artistic beauty. Sculptures portray episodes like ‘Anantasayana’, ‘Dattatreya’, ‘Chathurmukha Brahma’, ‘Tumburu’, ‘Narada’, ‘Rambha’. The ceiling is made with the granite.

There are  several forms of Lord Shiva here – Kanakala Murthi, Dakshinamurthi, Tripuranthaka, Ardhanareeshwara, etc., A shrine of fiery goddess Badhrakali. On the rocks the beautiful carvings of srikalahasti story attracted me a lot. Just completed taking my pictures in temple and started for the real monument of nation. It is a half a mile from the temple.  Nandi is 27 feet in length and 15feet in height, this is India’s 2nd biggest Monolithic Nandi after Gomatheswara. The big granite bull is positioned in such a way that it faces the shivalinga shielded by serpentine inside the temple.

 Now go ahead and enjoy your ride..