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Kishkindha After Ramayana

                Apes are the strongest of all animals. They were chosen by Lord Shri Ram himself to stand and fight on his side. During the Epic Ramayana, Goddess Sita gets separated from the Lord due to the demon king Ravana. Lord Rama enters “Kishkinda” -the apes kingdom, seeking help. Hanuma, Sugreeva, Jambavantha, Angadha, etc., ape Heroes of the Hindu mythology helps lord in finding his wife Sita by fighting Ravana after building a bridge to LANKA.

                Lord becomes king after the demon Ravana was killed by the fierce army of apes. Later to that, Hanuma having blessed to live forever decides to be with the Lord and both in Kishkinda. The rest of the ape heroes travel back to their place. The most powerful team of Kishkindha which plucked Lanka army is never mentioned later to that.

I am unfolding the story after the knowledge of story known.

After the ruling of kingdom Ayodhya for many successful years, one day when Lord Shriram  (the incarnation of Shri Maha Vishnu) was alone sitting in his palace. At that time Lord YamaDharmaRaj ( the lord of death) approaches Shri Rama and reminds him that the purpose of his incarnation is now served completely and the time to end his incarnation has come.

He also tells the lord that now the people of the worlds have many morals to learn from his life. He is the role model for any human being who wish to live as a good person with ethics. Whoever reads about Lord Rama life will understand the journey of learning and living from his life.

Lord Understanding the Kind words of Yama Dharma, decides to end his incarnation and hence he separates the kingdom equally and crowns his sons LAVA and KUSHA as the next kings. He also made the sons of his brothers as next kings on equal partitioning. Lord Shriram has 3 brothers and their children are as below:

Wife name
Son Name
Kingdom Ruled after Rama Incarnation
Lord Shri Rama
Lord Vishnu
Sita (Incarnation of Shri Maha Lakshmi)

“Kushavati” Near the Vindhya Mountain
Lord Vishnu’s --Sesha
“karupath” also known as “Angadiya”—Presently Odisha.

A part of “Malla Kingdom” –Pesently Odisha
Lord Vishnu’s weapon-- SudarshanChakra
“Takshshila”- Presently in pakisthan

“pushkalavat”- Part of Gaandhaar kingdom—presently Afghanisthan
Lord Vishnu’s weapon—Shankha
Presently “Mathura”

“Vidisha city” presently in Madhya Pradesh

Lord Shriram declares the end of his incarnation to be at the river “Sarayu”. All the gods, kings of the heavens, Sages and the Kishkinda kingdom attends to the Sarayu River. The King of Kishkinda is Sugreeva, he crowns Angadha (His Brothers Son) as the next king and starts to Sarayu River along with his warrior friends.

The kingdoms were so blessed that no one is fighting for power or money or for anything in the Lord Shriram’s era. Sugreeva along with his kishkinda warriors approach Lord Shri Rama and coveys that in his absence, DHARMA (The rules of world will be broken and people shall start fighting for everything which allures them).

As a reply, Lord Shriram says that his life will be enchanted forever till worlds exist for best living. To protect DHARMA in all YUGAS, he appoints Anjaneya( hanuma), jambavantha, Dvividha, Mindhava. Lord also says that as long as his name lives on the earth, Hanuma will also receive prayers from the people of earth.

Then the King Sugreeva conveys lord that the rest of the Warriors wish to end their life for Moksha in his absence. On Lords acceptance they all ends their life in the river Sarayu first. Later to that RAMA, LAKSHMANA,BHARATHA and SHATRUGNA merges into the river sarayu ending their respective Incarnations.

Lord Shri Maha Vishnu arises from the bed of river Sarayu with his Sesha ( Snake), Sudarshanachakra(The mighty weapon) and Shankha in his hands to bless the people around and leaves the earth for VAIKUNTAM.

Later to that according to our puranas it is understood that the Anjaneya( hanuma), jambavantha, Dvividha, Mindhava, Neela and Nalalu were living forever in this world. In Dwaparayuga, the next incarnation of Shri Maha Vishnu is Shri Krishna. Lord Krishna fights JambaVantha as per his wish in earlier incarnation of Rama. There are lots of stories about Hanuma across Shrimad Maha Bhagavatham in tretayuga.

JambaVantha Marries her Daughter to Lord Krishna in Tretayuga

BHEEMA the Son Of VAYU tested by his GrandBrother HANUMA in TretaYuga

According to some of the Puranas, the kingdom of Kishkinda collapsed later to King Angadha due to instable kings. Rest of the great warriors in kingdom went to Himalayas for meditation.

My blog has the Lord Rama Life journey in different stories mentioned below:

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